Welcome to TheRelicstones.blog! My name is Tessa Renalds, just an average writer living in sweltering Arizona. I’m re-vamping this blog to encompass more stories (and not just one). I’m hoping this will actively get my engagement on posting more if it is not centrally focused on my main project : The Relic.

I have plenty of ideas that pop into my head.  I hope to one day see those ideas become something physical (IE like a book and stuff.)

Some good news: The first book Deadly Liaisons at Sea. You can purchase a digital copy on Amazon! It’s edited, and ready to rock. The second book is currently in the editing process. I am slowly chugging through. Unfortunately being a self-editor makes it hard to catch my own mistakes. I’m slowly working on it. Thank you for your patience.

You can read a few stories of mine on this blog for free while you wait. There’s an unedited version of the first book (Deadly Liaisons at Sea,) and also the beginning of Origin. I’m going to add a third story called “Storyteller” next.

Want to read more? You can click the prologue’s below for each story! Thanks once again!