Chapter III: Tempests, Thunder, and Trickery (Part 2)

SHOCK WENT THROUGH her body as she remembered Skylar. Her eyes bulged as she tried to figure out where she was this time. She looked at the bed she was in, and she couldn’t help but blink.

Where was she again? Was that a dream? Charlotte groaned as she tried to rise up from the comfy warmth but wasn’t allowed her freedom. Befuddled at not being able to rise up, she turned over to find herself staring into dark green eyes. Aden stared at her bemused, as he wondered what she would do next.

It didn’t take long before she screamed. She pushed back the captain with as much force her measly arms would allow, but the memories of her nightmare weakened her. They continued to play like a reel being seeped into those movie projectors.

“You scream like a banshee, you know that idiot?”

“And that is only because I’m in another bed with a man!” He seemed to scoff at how innocent this girl was through her emphasis on the word man. It was a clear indication of her naivety and not easily thwarted by her rebuff, he gave her a sardonic look.

“As if I’d want to do something with a childish girl like you, why don’t you grow a pair?” His hand wandered and hovered over her chest.

Speechless and shaking with a fury she was trying to hold in, she tried to maintain what little composure she had. That was until he said: “You’re almost as flat as a flat iron.”

“I hate you!” The seventeen-year old tackled the raven-haired man back into the mattress, and started to scratch, kick, maim, and bite whatever she could get. Aden fought against her, making sure she didn’t cause him too much damage. He was surprised to see that she was already this mobile after sustaining an injury of that caliber on her abdomen. That was until he saw the look of regret pass upon her visage when her face contorted into pain.

“You wouldn’t be the first or last person to hate me.” Aden grunted when he finally managed to catch both her hands in his. He rolled the girl over so that he was straddling her, but he made sure not to sit heavily upon her.

“I was minding my own business grabbing a change of clothes in my room and suddenly you start screaming bloody murder in your sleep. I thought my ears were going to bleed.”

Charlotte stopped for a millisecond before comprehending what he just told her. “I was screaming?”

She calmed down enough to allow Aden to loosen his hold on her wrists. Just only by a small bit though. “A gag wasn’t enough to keep you quiet, idiot.” He pointed at the flung handkerchief near the pillow. “Then you had the gall to grab hold of me and wouldn’t let go. Stupid, idiotic girl.”

The seventeen year old gaped. “You gagged me?! How is that humane treatment?!” Aden had to restrain her when Charlotte tried head-butting him in the process.

She did manage to knee him making Aden loosen his grip once more. When she was released Charlotte pushed him away from her, watching as he landed on the mattress sideways. Scrambling away toward the door was the only thing she could do before Aden was on top of her. He hovered over her back pulling her arm in a terrible arm lock. Her head was inches above the floor, and her breath bounced back from the cold hard flooring. If he let her go, she would unceremoniously fall on her nose.

“Who’s Skylar to you?”

“What?!” Charlotte cried out as Aden yanked her arm up. She cried out in pain, hoping that her arm wouldn’t get pulled out of its socket.

“Who is Skylar?”

“How dare you invade in my privacy!” Charlotte struggled to get away from him, but to no avail, he had a firm hold on her arm and it was all that was supporting her over the floorboard.

His green eyes scanned over her squirming form and smirked. “Privacy in this room means squat since I’m the Captain. Now I’m asking again, who is Skylar?”

The feeling of anger, embarrassment, and helplessness filled her to the core as she hung there. She could feel the blood rush to her head as she hovered there in her gown as well. Plus her position was getting very uncomfortable.

“Skylar’s some boy at the estate.” Charlotte lied through her teeth, deciding it would be best for her to answer his question. That or risk a dislocated shoulder.

“Tch.” Aden moved so that he was at a better vantage point over her while she dangled half off the bed.  “I figured that.” He said to her.

“Then why did you ask!” Charlotte angrily stated trying to get him to release her. Her attempts were faltered when he tugged her arm up.

“Curious to see what you would say.”

Charlotte stuttered soon after, not liking the current situation. “Sh—shouldn’t you go do Captain-like things now?” Her words stumbled out in a quick breathe as she could feel her arm about to give out. Why was he doing this to her and why was her heart pounding so fast?

“Not until you tell me the truth. Who are you?” The fury that was present in his eyes was enough to scare Charlotte, even though she could only see out of the corner of her hazel eyes, she could tell he meant business.


“Talk!” He raised his free hand over her chin and turned it to face directly up at him. She was in too much pain from both her arm being practically torn out of its socket and now having to look uncomfortably at him from an awkward position.

“I am Charie… no I mean Lottie Lionsheart.”

“Charie lottie?”

“My name is Charie. Lottie is a nickname. I’m seventeen years old and I worked as a… a…”

Aden pulled on her arm causing her to whimper. “Speak.”

She popped out the only thing she could think of. “A maid. You’re hurting me, please let me down.” Her tears betrayed her as they fell down her cheeks. She didn’t want to show weakness to him of all people.

Then just like that she was released, except pain soon followed after. Her face hit the ground and she slid off the bed in a disgraceful manner. The only saving grace was that her arm was not pulled out of its socket. Her sides sang a woeful tune of agony as she went to sit up again.

“You say you’re a maid, so be it. You will be my maid until I say you have repaid your debt to me.” The raven haired male stalked off the bed and into the adjacent room. There were some shuffling sounds before he came back with some breeches, a plain lace up top, a pair of white socks and brown lace up leather shoes. He dropped the articles on top of her and then stared pointedly to her.

“You will pay me back for all the food, clothes, the room you will be using, and time you’ve made me waste. I hope you’re prepared because any hell you’ve known up to this point is nothing compared to my wrath. Now get changed before I do something worse to that arm of yours.”

With that the Captain scoffed at her. “You better be on deck in five minutes or so help Davy Jones in his locker, you’ll be joining them.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Chapter III: Tempests, Thunder, and Trickery (Part 3)

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