Chapter III: Tempests, Thunder, and Trickery (Part 4)

A KNOCK ON the hard oak wood alerted the lady sitting at the desk. She was surrounded with scattered papers, inventions, tons of empty glass bottles with the label “root beer”, and blueprints for impressive ships and machinery.

Normally she was not the type to allow interruptions while she was working but due to recent events she had allowed any and all to come into her office with news. Exercising her control over her gadgets, she looked up to see the familiar face of her technical scientist and co-worker Belle Anderson entering with another older gentleman with sandy blonde hair.

“There were rumors you died Admiral.” Her amethyst eyes gauged the reaction of the man, but just like her he knew how to keep himself composed during certain situations.

“I had to fake my own death to get these to someplace safer. Unfortunately I could not say the same for my niece and nephew.” He brought out a small box with a special ornate signet on top. The signet was his family crest of a lion on a shield.

The lady sitting at the desk shoved a handful of her scattered papers, bottles, and forms from her desk and dropped them unceremoniously into the arms of Belle allowing the Admiral to place the box in the open available space. “Belle, take those plans and deliver them to the specials team in the bay. That will tell them of their next task.”

Belle shifted the papers in her hand before leaving the room with a small, “Yes Ma’am.”

When the door deftly shut behind the scientist the woman turned her attention to the box sitting on her desk. “And what was more important than saving the estate, your people, and your remaining family?”

She icily replied as he pulled out his key. It took two seconds for him to unlock it and shift the box open for the woman to see. “I know you are distressed about the recent events, but these stones are of slightly more importance.”

The woman did not seem appeased about hearing that, “What do these four stones have that are of more importance than the lives of your niece and nephew?”

The Fleet Admiral grimaced. He shook his head as he made his point concise. “I wish I could say they are not of importance, but unfortunately that would be a lie. These stones derive from the legend of the seven seas.”

The woman hitched her breath. “Correct Olivia Cheric, it is as you think.”

She regained her breath with a shaky voice. “The Relic Stones the State has been looking for? If you’ve had them, why did we not know of it?” She stared at the beauty the stones all shimmered despite the poor lighting from her candle wick.

“I got these from my brother a while back stating to keep them safe, but I do not wish to anymore. After losing everything I want nothing more to do with them.” The one known as Olivia grimaced at the stones.

“What am I supposed to do with these stones then? Hide them away and have Zaine and his pet dogs come? Shall I have him destroy my estate in search of them and kill my company? Surely you jest.” The man standing before her just shook his head. She was about to add more to her speech but stopped as if she had an idea pop into her mind. She quickly jotted down something small on a couple of papers nearby before bringing her attention back to the Fleet Admiral.

“I had meant to bring them earlier in the year, but the battle between the fleet and the pirates ran long and arduous. Olivia Cheric, I am requesting you to perform tests and any type of analysis you can to determine what the origin of these stones are.” She knew there were some business components behind his visit and not some charity call.

“I suppose anything can be done with a price in mind, what do you have for me if I do this for you?” She asked staring at the accursed stones in her presence. “Keep in mind of course that if it weren’t for these stones I would still have a secretary, best friend, and cute follower with me. Anything you say will never be able to replace them.”

The Fleet Admiral merely stared through his hazel eyes back at the woman sitting with the utmost grace. He knew of what he must pay. “Your secretary was picked up by The Division according to the eye testimony of a witness. Both Charlotte and Skylar are alive, though I am unsure of their whereabouts. Does that suffice as payment?”

The woman looked at the man before her back to the Stones. “Even in death’s door you still manage to find out the small and trivial things. Impressive. Alright, I’ll personally test on these stones and I will bring the results to you no later than late this evening.”

“Can you do sufficient testing between this time and then?”

Olivia Cheric smirked from her seat. “I do not have a choice seeing as how I have a secretary, friend, and baby to rescue within the morrow. Now if you excuse me.”  She pulled out a pair of goggles and box of tools from underneath her desk.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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