Chapter III: Tempests, Thunder, and Trickery (Part 6)

SHE WAS BRISKLY walking down to the guest quarters with a just opened glass bottle of root beer that she had graciously been given by the Fleet Admiral while she was conducting her tests.

It was fascinating how much she learned from just those four stones, and also the potential in each. While she was still unsure of what each stone possessed in a matter of strengths and powers, she knew they could easily be used for good or evil. That was most likely why those stones were sought after in the first place.

Not bothering to knock Olivia walked straight into the room to find the Fleet Admiral sitting in the ornate arm chair with his hands clenched together. His eyes were concentrating hard on something but for all Olivia could venture, she could tell he was concerned.

“Your stones.” She replied cheerfully, putting the box of stones on his desk. He merely glanced at the stone before turning to her.

“What did you find out about them?” He inquired.

She took a small swig from her drink before exhaling happily. “Well I found that it was made of rare minerals and substances; but to put it plainly these stones were made from some type of mysterious ingredient. It’s strange but they have a life in them, and they offer powers beyond comprehension.” The Fleet Admiral merely nodded his head as if he knew of what they were despite him asking her for extra testing.

“Do you think these stones are able to pick and choose who can use them?” Olivia glanced down at the box before looking back at the General.

“In theory, these stones may only be compatible with someone who has a similar link to it. You may think of it like a DNA strand, there are only certain types of genomes that will fit with certain types of genomes, but that doesn’t stop the genomes from attempting and trying to fit all the same.” She dropped the stack of papers that were in her hand that explained everything she just specified next to the box.

“You will find your relevant information there. Excuse me; I have a trip to prepare for.” She bowed her head an inch before heading to the door. It was when she reached the knob that the General spoke to her.

“Take these with you; I know you will know what to do with them. You seem to understand them much more than me after all.” He then lifted himself off the seat to leave as well. “I have overstayed my welcome at your estate and will have to go into hiding until the right time to emerge.”

Olivia opened the door allowing the man to leave before her. She glanced back at the box and then at his retreating figure. “What if I were to destroy those stones instead of taking them with me?” She was hoping it would make him think twice about leaving them in her care, but all she saw was nonchalance.

“If you were to destroy them it would not cause me any trouble, though would destroying four stones truly solve the real mystery of where the Relic Stones originated from?”

Olivia thought no due to more being made and used by an unknown source.  It would also indicate that more would come into fruition and be used as people found them.

Olivia calculated. “How many do you think are being made? These can’t have such a high productivity that they have grown to a grand scale.”

“That’s where your thinking is wrong Lady Olivia. Why else would the legend come creeping back to the surface? Someone is recreating power distributing stones using some sort of contraption and real lives as the cost.”

Fleet Admiral Gerald Rothschild merely glanced over his shoulder. To the inventor it seemed as if he was checking to make sure no one was around eavesdropping. “Someone is manufacturing fake Relic Stones using whatever small power was left from the true Relic Stone that they had; but even if we do not know what these stones are made of we must assume they all possess a variety of powers and consequences that we have never dreamed of.”

Olivia gaped at the box behind her. “The legend that was passed says Relic Stones. How would you explain that difference if you are saying there is only one true Relic Stone?”

“Someone recreated the legend to put their own spin on it. It doesn’t matter why they altered the legend, but what is certain is this: they did it to create a change, and it will be a change that will affect and alter the way we live through each day.”

Olivia paused, feeling as if she had been just manipulated to believe his story. Something felt fishy about how he managed to get all of his Intel.

“I see.” The inventor narrowed her eyes. She could only assume that the State had a hand in whatever happened with the true Relic Stone, and Gerald Rothschild could not do the clean-up of the mess they created.  While she could stand there all day to argue with this man about the real truth, she knew there was not enough time. Her intuition was raging as she clenched her fists with white knuckles.

“Please leave, I need to prepare for my voyage.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Chapter III: Tempests, Thunder, and Trickery (Part 7)

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