Chapter IV: Fall and Rise Again (Part 6)

CHARLOTTE WOKE WITH a startled yelp as she grasped her neck to be sure she still had her head. Only she discovered that the room was different from before. She had remembered falling asleep in Luke’s futon with a small front entrance and fire pit but this was not the same. In fact she was lying on a queen size bed with tapestries decorating the windows and a vanity mirror to her right. There was also a basin filled with clean water on the oak drawer in front of the bed she was laying in.

“What was it that I needed to do?” She heard the slight shake in her voice as she tried to talk herself out from being frightened. Maybe she could remember how she wound up in this room instead of the one she was in prior. But other than Aden’s cryptic message and that man’s sword at her neck swirling around her mind, she couldn’t remember anything else.

“How are you feeling?” The door opened to reveal two gentlemen. One of them was extremely tanned who had raven black hair with amethyst eyes that oddly reminded her of someone close to her while the other was slightly paler and had sandy blonde hair and blue sapphire eyes. The one with the black hair had a stethoscope around his neck moving over to the side of the bed where he checked the girl’s pulse.

“How are you feeling?” The man asked and Charlotte sat in confusion.

“Fine?” She questioned while the man with the sandy blonde hair walked over to the other side. He sat down on the feathered bed and reached forward to touch the girl’s head. The gauze that wrapped around her temple alerted Charlotte that she was given medical treatment while she was asleep.

“Do you remember what happened?” Charlotte turned her attention to the sandy blonde talking to her.

‘That voice…’ She thought before cringing in pain. Her head was hurting now that she was recollecting everything that happened. Her body was sore, her head was throbbing, and she felt really sick.

“Hold still Charlotte Rothschild. You suffered a severe concussion and several lacerations all over. Simone grab the bowl filled with water.” The one known as Simone got up and received the bowl as the one man had asked.

“Elliot don’t you think we should tell her where she’s at so she doesn’t have a panic attack?” Simone asked with some humor before placing the bowl besides the one known as Elliot. The olive-skinned man merely shrugged before dipping a rag into the water. Motioning for Simone to undo the girl’s gauze he spoke with clarity.

“Treating patients come first, locations and other irrelevant information can come after that.” Simone leaned over with a sigh to where Charlotte was sitting and un-wrapped the gauze on her head. When the gauze was off Elliot slowly pressed the hot rag to her head and she winced. He took into account her reaction and noted for Simone to make a note for pain medication once they were done treating her.

The check-up took all but ten more minutes, just some maneuvering of her bandages and questions regarding her memory. When they had finished the two older gentlemen seemed pleased with the diagnosis of their patient.

Elliot sat back in his chair while Simone sat near Charlotte’s feet. She was still trying to figure out where she recognized these two men.

“How do you know who I am?” She asked while the two men looked at each other.

The one known as Simone smiled, “I’m Simone De La Croix. This distempered gentleman sitting in the chair is Elliot Cheric. To ensure your safety you were dropped off with us.”

Charlotte listened calmly to the man before turning to the one known as Elliot Cheric. Now she knew who the man was. “Your Olivia Cheric’s older brother. I remember now,” She then turned to Simone De La Croix, “and you… I remember your voice in my dream.”

Charlotte lightly touched her head with her hand trying to remember what he was telling her. Simone straightened up in his spot watching the girl intently.

“Simone did you use it?” Elliot hissed quietly while Simone nodded, leaning forward to the girl.

“Charlotte you are more important than what everyone is giving you credit for. I just hope you can change what destiny has in store for you.”

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