Chapter V: Preparations (Part 3)

AN EXHAUSTED DAMIEN hobbled with his crutches to the lone cafeteria table. He was looking over the menu for something hot to eat when a familiar figure slid in besides him. Not bothering to look at who it was, Damien passed another menu over.

“Long day?” He asked, hoping his younger brother would be in a better mood.

“If I have to sit through another one of those meetings with the Admirals I will shoot someone.” Aden darkly looked over the menu, and sighed. “It’s Pirates this, battling against Zaine’s crew that, or collecting materials for materializing more weapons. If the Admirals had half a brain they would have realized their plans are not working and need to find a different order of operation.”

Damien nodded, deciding it was best to change the topic before Aden’s mood soured. “Have you heard anything from that Lionsheart girl yet?”

Before Aden could respond the familiar blonde-haired Anna ran over with her writing pad. “What can I get for you Captain? First Lieutenant?” She smiled brightly as Damien order a hot bowl of Tomato Bisque with broccoli on the side. Aden ordered a Reuben sandwich with two pickles on the side.

“Coming up. I’ll also bring you two your waters with lemon, just the way you guys like it!” She ran off with Damien’s thanks.

“Two months ago Cheric told me that she was in her brother’s custody. It’s not our problem anymore.” He tapped his fingers lightly on the table before turning to face Damien. His emerald eyes bore into Damien’s azure ones before narrowing.

“Speaking of Cheric, what were you doing in her office for two and a half hours?”

Damien swallowed slowly, “She had me do some rehab things for my knee…”

“You and I both know you’re a terrible liar.” Anna had come back with their waters before telling them their food would be out in another three to five minutes. Aden grabbed his glass drinking slowly.

“She had gotten sick,” Damien started, hoping some truth was better than none. “I was going to call Radium to tend to her, but she reprimanded me. Cheric didn’t want anyone to know.”

Aden frowned. “Hm.”

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” Damien sighed before taking his own drink into his hands. Last thing he needed was his best friend and Captain to be mad at him.

“Do I need a reason to be?” He responded.

“No.” Damien replied, all the while cursing Cheric for making him swear not to tell anyone about the Relic Stones she possessed.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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