Chapter VI: Pest Control


(In case you are unable to decipher)


Please tell everyone that I would love to reply to each and every one’s letters, but Simone told me I can only mail one letter. I hope that Damien is doing well; I heard from Xavier that the crew got injured. I hope everyone is doing fine and they are not too injured. I also anticipate the day when we all get together again. You can tell Summerfeld to take a hike with this slave treatment. I also don’t appreciate him beating Charie either. He’s a stupid jerk!

Besides that I am doing well. Mr. Nielson has been using the progress reports you’ve given him as a means to help in my development. Currently we are reading poetry, and next we’ll be learning the distinct English play styles evolved from Greek to Contemporary times.

I hope you won’t send any more of that exploding paper. The shavings covered my entire room and Elliot made this scrunchy-angry face and told me to tell you (and I quote): “If you send paper like that, at least have the common decency to tell me (him) first.” He then muttered something about having to clean the scorch marks and shavings on the table.


Lottie Lionsheart

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