Chapter VI: Pest Control (Part 3)


Time seems to fly by faster than I would like it to. I’m doing well, with the way things are going I will be caught up with everyone in academics in no time! Damien, I found the poet you mentioned and I love his poems! Mr. Nielson was impressed by your suggestion he decided to add a curriculum on poets from the seventeenth century to my studies. I don’t know whether to hug you or strangle you the next time we see each other.

I didn’t know the extent to your injury Damien, I hope that your leg will get better with each passing day! I see you sailing the seas, not resting on a bed or wheelchair! I’ll send you my thoughts as you’re recovering.

Livvy, you’re being unfair! No offense to Damien, but I hoped to hear from my best friend to see how she’s doing. Moe. You could at least say hi!

I’ll reconsider being nice to Summerfeld if he apologizes for calling me Charie-Lottie and treating me like an idiot. I have a name you know: It’s CHAR… well, you know. I’ll apologize for calling him names too if he does.

I wish I could see you all. I miss you already.

Lottie Lionsheart

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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