Chapter VI: Pest Control (Part 10)

THE WALK TO Olivia’s lab was a quiet one, only the tranquility ended when a group of men appeared from around the corner. It was a squadron of men surrounding a man with brown eyes and suit. He was calm when he caught Aden’s eye but immediately stopped his gait when he noticed Charie besides the Captain.

Tyler Marklin immediately saluted to the man stopping in place. “New Fleet Admiral Viktor Schurk, Sir.”

The man stared at the girl before replying. “At ease Warrant Officer Tyler Marklin. Why, if it isn’t Miss Charlotte Rothschild. I read that you had perished at the Estate. Captain, where are you escorting her to?” He directed the question to Aden who saluted reluctantly.

“We are escorting her to Olivia Cheric’s office.” He was wary about giving too much information, though anything regarding Rothschild would peak anyone’s interest. The man placed a hand over his heart while faintly smiling. “Perhaps I can escort you instead? We can discuss about your Uncle if you’d like?” He noticed the box in her hands and attempted to reach her hand. Aden immediately stepped to block his approach with a stern expression.

“Admiral Julian Mathers specifically ordered us to escort her. I would hate to inconvenience you sir.” Tyler glanced between the two of them and tried to warn Aden from further disrespect.

“He doesn’t mean any disrespect Fleet Admiral, sir.”

Viktor merely crossed his arms over his military suit. He didn’t seem offended by the quick maneuver. Instead, he tactfully asked the young girl a simple question. “Can you remember anything of that day at all?”

Olivia gripped the microphone in her office while listening in with the bug. “The smell of death and blood plague my dreams daily, but I suppose the worst was the fall.” Olivia used her control box to have Charie frown at the memory though that seemed to perturb the New Fleet Admiral. She remembered Damien and Xavier discussing how Charlotte had been thrown off the cliff near her Uncle’s estate, which would more than likely be the most prominent memory to the attack.

“How unfortunate.” The Fleet Admiral replied with a narrowing of his eyes. It was then that he straightened up and continued on his way. “If you’ll excuse me Gentlemen, I have a meeting with Admiral Chief Julian.” Aden and Tyler saluted while Charie gave a small curtsy to him. They continued to look at him until he was out of sight.

“Woah, who would have thought the new Fleet Admiral would be on site.” Tyler pondered out loud while Aden grunted. He got a terrible premonition that something terrible would happen.

“Tyler we need to continue on.” He ushered Charie forward with the guidance of Olivia’s controls from her office. She was also pondering why the sudden interest to Charlotte. Speaking through Charie, Olivia replied darkly.

“Why would the new Fleet Admiral stop a Specialist, Captain, and a young girl? Even if she was the Previous Fleet Admiral’s niece, she shouldn’t have gathered that much attention. Peculiar.” Aden could only agree.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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