Chapter VI: Pest Control (Part 7)

THE STATE WAS in complete upheaval would be an understatement. Just as Olivia had planned months prior, Charie walked into the boardroom where the temporary Fleet Admiral, Vice Admirals, Rear Admirals and Captains were together for their monthly meeting. Aden was yawning into his hand when he saw the doors swing open in a grandiose state.

“Wait! You can’t go in Miss!” Tyler Marklin who had been assigned to manning the door of the board meeting became extremely flustered as the girl with formal attire and a veil covering half of her face walked inside. She was carrying with her an unopened box that instantly won everyone’s attention. She also did not stop until she was standing at the edge of the round table until all eyes turned to her.

Admiral Chief of Naval Operations: Julian Mathers slammed his gavel down onto the table to maintain order. “Order, I will have order. What is the meaning of this?” He yelled at the young girl. Rising from his seat, he pointed his finger at the door. “Mr. Marklin, escort this woman out this instant.”

“Rig—right away sir…” Tyler Marklin appeared beside the girl’s arm but she snapped her head up to look Julian in the eye. Her fierce determination was very similar to Charlotte’s that even Aden was captivated by her presence.

“You will not escort me.” She replied, “My Uncle’s wish was for me to come here and deliver something to The State, and I will not be denied any longer by your footmen. My name is Charlotte Rothschild and I demand vengeance for the death of my kin!” She slid the box so that it would conveniently stop in front of Aden, whom merely looked at the box with skepticism. He was unsure of this plan working, but after eight months of planning, preparing, and perfecting it was all of nothing now.

Everyone else in the room burst out into chatter until Julian calmed everyone down with the slamming of his gavel. “Miss Rothschild,” he gulped before resuming. “The official report said you had died, do you have proof that you are indeed the very same Charlotte Rothschild?”

“Are you serious Mr. Mathers? You worked with my father countless times; do I not look like the same child you ran into at the estate back in Chiariotti?” Her remark was crisp, like a cleaver against a meat slab silencing the questions on her identity. She knew she had the floor so she projected her voice to add on.

“I’ve been working my way to find some aid in my endeavors. Fending pirates off while keeping my uncle’s wishes; only when I arrive I am treated like a fraud? I’m alive, and I’ll be damned if I let those pirates get away with their crimes.”

A Captain under the name of Eric Nunez raised his hand, “I find your dilemma to be most unfortunate. Most of the continent—nay the whole world feels your pain my lady. Perhaps if we sat down for some tea and biscuits after we’re done discussing—”

Charlotte slammed her palm into the oak silencing whatever he was going to say. “I will not be sugar-coated, cajoled, removed, or assuaged until this matter is resolved. You call yourselves men when all you do is sit month after month discussing what to do—when people are dying! They are fighting for your cause! Not you.”

The discontenting Generals and Captains feelings became palpable in the air, and many grew uneasy in their seats. Robert Petersons remained the most relaxed out of all of the Captains. He leaned his head back into the chair and replied precariously. “The little Missus is right gentleman. Ever since the devastating fall of The Estate we’ve been doing absolutely nothing. Though I’m curious as to what her uncle’s dying wish was. Hmmm?” He sneered at the girl with translucent brown eyes. “What is in the box Charlotte Rothschild?”

She snapped her attention to Aden and pointed at the box in front of him. “If you aide me in my vengeance, I shall give you these.” Charie pointed at the box once more.

Aden, finally bored with everyone staring intently at the box, grabbed it with nonchalance. The men and women around him started to gasp as he began to toss it up in the air.  He was waiting for his Admiral Chief to command him open it while enjoying the slight discomfort Charie showed when he began the feat.

“Summerfeld open it.” Julian gave his gavel a sickening whack against the wood and Aden shrugged. He caught the box in his one hand, and with the other he popped the top off. Inside there were four shiny stones resting evenly on the velvet for everyone to see.

“I’ll give you these Relic Stones if you will cooperate with me.” Charie replied with the most sincere and innocent smile her seventeen year old self could muster. After all, she realized that the floor was all hers to command.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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