Chapter VI: Pest Control (Part 9)

ADMIRAL CHIEF JULIAN found himself falling into his seat. “Are those what I think they are?” Everyone else seemed to jump into a frenzy trying to see the stones. Aden glared at those who looked ready to jump him, and was thankful no one had been stupid enough to do it.

Charie nodded her head grimly while Aden pulled out his spare gloves from his pocket. He picked up one of a stones out with a gloved hand and examined it in the light. He paused for dramatic effect before placing it back into its aligned place. “These stones are genuine. Zaine had a way of gloating when he had stones.” He glowered when a hand reached over, but before they could touch the stones, he closed the lid shut. “Don’t touch them unless you can resist their call. These stones are looking to be used.” He gave a dark look to Robert Petersons who smirked in response.

“That’s right; Aden had his fair share of piracy in his prime while searching for the Stones. It’s surprising that he’s even allowed in these meetings as a Captain.” Robert has touched his own eyebrow, as if signally to the scar on Aden’s face. The male in question glared openly to his taunt.

“I am nothing like those pirates.” He rebuked before staring distastefully at the box in front of him. “Girl, take these stones before I decide to grind them to dust.” Charlotte walked around the table where Aden was sitting and grabbed the box in her hands. She moved delicately while she leaned down and wisps of auburn hair slid over her shoulder and hit him on his cheek. It was strange that it was light like real hair but he paid it no mind as she leaned back and away from the people staring at her.

“Summerfeld, Petersons, you will cease your banter. Miss Rothschild, I understand your dilemma but we can’t do anything more for your deceased uncle. While it is distressing, I do hope you accept our sincere apologies.” Admiral Chief Julian nodded to Tyler Marklin. “Tyler, take Miss Rothschild to a guest chamber, but before you go I must circumvent you having those stones. The government needs all it can get between itself and those pirates that have killed many of our innocent people.”

Two gentleman, Eric Nunez and a man known as Henry Lovetts, stood up to face the girl with hands out. “Be a good girl and give us the box.” Eric Nunez said with a smile while Charlotte took a step back. She was hoping to run to the exit, but Lovetts blocked her completely.

“Is this what it comes down to?” She yelled, “You corner a girl with stones and claim it is for the good of the State? What has our government come to?!” Tyler closed his eyes and started to whisper a prayer while Aden just grunted. Taking this opportunity to save Tyler and Charie, Aden rose from his spot.

“Look little girl, you come stumbling into this meeting thinking we’d follow what you’d say? You must be naïve.” He pushed past Eric where he grabbed the girl roughly at her forearm and waited for the squeak. Just like clockwork Charie acted like the real Charlotte.

Julian slammed his gavel down on the oak getting everyone’s attention once and for all.

“Summerfeld and Marklin, escort Miss Rothschild to Lady Olivia Cheric’s office. I order you as Admiral Chief to leave those stones in her care. She’ll likely have some knowledge on how to draw out their powers into a weapon against Zaine and his pirate crew. If that is all, we are done. Meeting adjourned.” He stood up in a hurry, and everyone looked puzzled at the quick ending of the meeting. When no one made a noise Aden and Tyler pushed the auburn-haired girl out of the room and out of further danger.

“Did you use your power Tyler?” Aden said to Tyler indiscreetly.

“Yes, I had him see an illusion of someone entering the room about his wife having an emergency. He isn’t the type to ignore an emergency call from his wife. Olivia was that alright?” Tyler waved a hand in front of Charie’s face and with an Olivia-like mannerism, she flicked his hand away.

“That was perfect, quick thinking Tyler. Summerfeld please escort Charie to the lab. She’s done her job now.” Aden continued with his brisk pace with her hand still in his grasp. Tyler followed after, looking over his shoulder nervously. He was thinking someone might have followed them, but no one was there.

“What do we do now?” Tyler whispered and Aden breathed out. “We wait.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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