Misc. Post 4– The Relic: Deadly Liaisons At Sea will be…

Good Evening Lovelies!

I have some very exciting and terrific news for you all! Yesterday (2/9/17), a publishing company: Green Ivy Publishing and myself have signed a contract to make The Relic: Deadly Liaisons At Sea into a BOOK and EBOOK!

Can you feel the excitement and energy? I know I can feel it in my bones, so keep checking out my blog for more updates! I will keep you up to speed with everything as things move forward with the editing, cover images, illustrations, formatting, publications and finally distributions!

Ahhhhhhh! *internally screaming and jumping in joy*

And with this said, I will finish posting chap 6 of the first book and after that… I’ll be posting fun misc facts about the Relic’s world and more in depth character questionnaires!

Thanks for checking this out! I look forward to your continued support!!


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