Chapter VI: Pest Control (Part 14)

The flames around the Cafeteria galley licked and crackled with the two remaining occupants. Zaine had bent down to retrieve the discarded box and jewels while Claire had walked over to the window.

The door that was barricaded was breached allowing an army of pirates of men and women alike to plow through. It was then that the crowd quieted and parted. Inside the group was a squadron of naval officers and the First Admiral standing with a smirk.

Taking off his mask Zaine looked at the jewels before crushing one in his hands.

“It appears to be a fake Captain Zaine.” The Fleet Admiral Viktor smiled. Nico Guarnera walked forward in the crowd and went straight to him. He embraced the woman before giving her cheek a soft peck. “No matter, I’ve control of The State now. We just have to ‘get rid of a few rats’ in our premises.”

The pirates laughed over Nico who remarked smugly. “Surely Lady Olivia underestimates the true power of pirates. Wouldn’t you agree Robert?”

Robert Petersons tossed an apple up and down from where he was standing. “All it took was someone on their side to reveal what they planned.” He laughed then took a bite of his apple. “My power easily provided a means of winning My Liege.” He gave a weak bow to Viktor before resuming his dinner.

“They will come back again, but one less from the looks of it.” Viktor looked to the window where the skies were dyed with red and white. “Return to your posts. Robert make wanted posters for our retreating naval officers. Captain Zaine and Nico, get your vessels prepared. You have more to do out on the sea.”

Zaine slipped his mask on and summoned Claire to his side. “As you command.” He disappeared in the flames with Claire just like water flowed through a river.

Nico, meanwhile, merely wiped her lips with a napkin before whistling. “As you command.” A boy with brunette and silverish highlights appeared besides her with a vacant expression in his hazel eyes. “Shall I have Skylar accompany me Viktor?”

The man looked at the boy and smirked. “He is with a part of the true Relic and as long as you keep him under your control, he will not disobey.”

Nico nodded before wrapping her arms around the twelve year old’s shoulders. “Come along Skylar, we have work to be done.”

“Sounds like fun.” He replied with a ghost of a smile.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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