World Country Descriptions


In Order of Regions:


Clemdœgde (Clem-Doe-jay) (SPOILERS–will update later)

Refrazzya (Re-Fray-zee-a)– A port capital that is specifically run through an Open Doors policy. After many years of piracy and attacks, a group of specialized armed forces formed together (known as the Refrazzyan Intel Militia) and monitored the defense of the port. Due to their Open Doors policy, many people from all spectrums of life have come to Refrazzya to set up businesses or to sell their goods. As long as they have Dreggs to use the space they are allotted, they are free to roam. The State does not have much control over this huge port city, making it one of the safest places for law breakers and ruffians to hide in. Zeke Schurk is the Leader of this land, properly securing the rules within his borders and selling his Intel to any who seek it.

Killia (Kill-y-a) – This small sandy village is off the west coast of Refrazzya. It focuses primarily on fishing for specific trout and salmon. Since the mountains separate Killia from both Brachten and Refrazzya the small peninsula often has to travel by dingy’s and boats to the local ports in both countries.

Spiro (Spear-O) –The Island is south from Killia, about a day’s trip. Not many people go to this island due to it being inhabitable and filled with tropic rain forests. Many whirlpools and hidden currents make traveling to this island difficult, but the sands and waves make the trip worth it. Many Killian’s travel to Spiro during the season to catch the biggest trout or salmon possible. It is a one week competition that is sponsored by Brachten’s and Refrazzya’s leaders.


Chiariotti  (Chia-ree-ott-ee) –One of the few innovative countries that is run by three prominent families. These three families have heavy ties with The State—The Schurk family, The Cheric family, and The Rothschild Family. When the Schurk family gained full control over the State, Chiariotti was left to both the Cheric and Rothschild clans to govern. Overtime, the Rothschild left the mainland to start anew in a distant island northeast of the main State Headquarters. Chiariotti has many small towns and ports, supporting all local and imported goods. The land is fairly well maintained, with a majority of the lands being refurbished and paved for travel. Passed the borders of Chiariotti are grassy plains and mountainous terrain that they collect their resources from. Some of the herbalists and farmers that travel alongside the borders for what they need. Chiariotti is the main powerhouse of the three main countries on this land—having influence to keep pirates at bay. Lawbreakers and ruffian’s avoid this area as it is heavily influenced by the State.

Zyttle (Zi-ttle) – A small sandy port town that is heavily industrial based. There are three main port cities within this sandy terrain with a large factory stationed near the southwest coast. Many of the tools and crafts that are created become items that are exported to entities such as the State. It is also rumored that some of the firearms that are sold get stolen via transport due to piracy.

Gailyna (Guy-li-na) –The exact opposite of the sister province, Gailyna is heavily agricultural based with three main towns and large grassy and farming lands behind the towns. All three villages work together to maintain the countries produce so that they can sell and use the foods to their leisure. Gailyna, Zyttle, and Chiariotti are three sister countries/provinces that work hand in hand to ensure their whole country’s safety.


Torrek (Tore-reck) – A heavily invested province that is influenced by the State’s militia; they work to ensure the peace and check all travelers before allowing them access to Liliec. The only way to access Liliec is through Torrek, where once someone bypasses the dock checks, they have to follow a secured route to the bordered wall between Na Luna and Liliec. While Na Luna is the sister border of Torrek, they are an independent nation that does not adhere to the rules set forth by The State. There have been many conflicts growing between Na Luna and Torrek due to the borders that separate them to Liliec.

NaLuna Province (Na-Lu-Na Pra-vince) – This province is one of the few areas that are not influenced by The State. They choose to operate their own markets and local shops without the help of Militia. They have a heavy base for trading goods, almost as prominent and endearing as Demeuillieu’s. The difference between NaLuna to Demeuillieu’s though is their practices are not always ethical. Many black markets pop up, selling things that range from stolen goods and human slaves. Pirates do not have a direct tie in with NaLuna, but they are more comfortably with walking in the open in this province. There are some hidden ports that many use to enter the lands without going through Torrek’s safety checks. One of the main families that operate a huge bartering chain is the Moreno clan—they are what keep the merchant trade open in NaLuna as they are the “face” of what NaLuna should be.

Liliec (Lil—e—ec) – This country houses one of the largest and well renowned Academies determined to train men and women for The State’s true purpose. There are a variety of terrains near the Academy that make it genuinely perfect for training grounds—from grassy lands, to rough mountainous terrain on the north side, the restricted water access on the grainy shores just south of the Academy. All of these elements are used to train their future sailors and soldiers against piracy. There is a Tower that is protected at the north end of the Academy—many students are not granted access to this area, and if they stumble in there, they are immediately expelled.

Tehra (Te—rah) –This small corner of the North east continent inhabits four main villages that nomads typically maintain. Tehra is not influence by Pirates or the State, so they are normally plagued by both on a daily basis. Torrek is their sister border, but as Torrek is not friendly with any province save for Liliec, it makes it difficult to gain assistance from them. Tehra is non-confrontational, just living off the lands and surviving the harsh winters that occur.

Bherghen (Bur—gh—en) – There is no real record of how many port cities Bherghen possesses due to their isolation from the sea and land—one main province (Seriate) is well known only because that is the only maintained port they possess. The lands are unknown, but from travelers that have gone to these lands, the lands are almost identical to Tehra’s. Sometimes depending on the season, the lands freeze over like snowy tundras and the trees become large white peaks. The mountains hide the barren lands of Bherghen well from the State, and due to the harsh land conditions many do not travel further than Seriate’s port borders. The State do send over sentries to survey and check out the surrounding areas, but many of the officials request a change in position after a month of service. Other times when requests aren’t granted, many of the sailors stick in Seriate where the local taverns are.


Montægye (Mon-ta-guy) SPOILERS

Aria (Ar-ye-a) SPOILERS

Demeuillieu (Duh-eh-muh-lue) – Prominently a wealthy social class—this land is heavily influenced by the Earls and descendants of previous kings from centuries and centuries ago. The lands are kept in excellent conditions for the high class to live in—almost like Chiariotti, Demeuillieu have many prominent families that like to branch out their trades and shops. The Drummond clan (from Demeuillieu), the Marx clan (originating from Wilyza), and the Wilford clan (located in Zyttle) are some of the few that uphold all of the standards for selling and delivering goods around the world. The State does give their official stamp of approval on goods coming out from Demeuillieu compared to goods coming out from NaLuna Province. Each clan has a specialty good that they focus on; Marx on glass, Wilford on blacksmithing—The Drummond clan is different as they have a hand in everything. They started off as a no-good company about seventy years ago, but rose to the high society when they hit it off with the discovery of oil. The State and Chiariotti both sponsored the Drummond clan after that, keeping the clan in their good graces. The Drummond family is heavily influenced by the State, becoming the official merchant liaisons between all of the lands and the State.

Brachten (Bru—ach—ten) SPOILERS

Wilyza (Will—i—za) – A port city that focuses on relaxing and resting in the sun—this town in not influenced by any entity. They are entirely a tourist location designed for the perfect getaway. The State does have a station centered in Wilyza for the protection of any guests coming in or out of the country—but for the most part no pirates like to enter these clear shallow waters encompassing Wilyza. As the State has a station here, many use Wilyza as a docking and restocking port, replenishing items for almost little to no cost (for State official use only).

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