Character Questionnaire 3: Damien Drummond



Physical/Aesthetic Characteristics

  1. What color is your character’s hair? Flowing blonde highlighted hair, it’s more or less a tousled dark honey blonde color.
  2. What color are your character’s eyes? Azure Blue
  3. What color is your character’s skin? Caucasian—a little tanned, sports the occasional brown moles on his arms and legs. His tan looks like the perfect baked bread. (19-23)
  4. What special aesthetic characteristics does your character have? Damien had a gnarly scar on his left quad, right near his knee. He does have a couple mini scars on his hands from accidentally breaking the glass compasses when he was organizing them one day.
  5. Does your character have any piercings? Tattoos? Damien does not have any notable tattoos or earrings, although he always wanted to pierce his cartilages like his younger brother. The only reason that prevented him from doing it was because of his father. He is from a high societal family.
  6. What’s the sexiest physical characteristic of your character? His smile, he has a dazzling smile with dimples.
  7. What’s the ugliest physical characteristic of your character? His ugliest physical characteristic would most likely be his scar on his thigh. It doesn’t look pretty, definitely not during the incident or after time has gone by. His hair can get super oily if he doesn’t keep proper care of it—and stringy.

BONUS: What element of their appearance is your character most insecure about? His waist line—he wants to be in shape but he fears of getting a beer gut. He’s really conscientious of his stomach and what he eats. Thus the reason why Xavier calls him a princess.

  1. What does your character wear? He has a compass attached to a long string that he has attached to his vest pocket. He wears a white or black long sleeved cotton shirt that is drawn together at the collarbone. He wears a half torso suspender that is rustic brown. It wraps around his torso and one of his shoulders. There is a brown belt that goes over his pant line that he holsters his two knives at his lower back. Typically he wears the dark khaki naval pants or navy blue uniform slacks. He wears black steel toe boots that are hidden beneath his pants cuff.

BONUS: Why does your character like wearing that outfit? He likes this outfit because it accentuates him well, and it is comfortable to move in. It also adheres to the State’s guidelines for the workers to wear as a uniform. It beats his formal wears when he has to wear layers upon layers.

8b. What does your character wear? (Formal) He wears a cotton sleeveless tank, a long-mid sleeve white (or blue) acetate button up. Damien wears over the shirt with one of his mandated vest suits, which changes in color from white, navy blue, black, and grey. He also has matching dress pants that are straight on the leg. He has dress shoes that are shiny black, pointed at the toe. He wears a long chain from his breast pocket to his front pants pocket to hold his watch.

Expressions of Emotion

  1. When your character smiles, what does their smile look like? Damien shows his teeth when he smiles, having a fresh and over joyous content. He does have dimples when he smiles, right at the corner of his lips, and his cheeks raise ever so slightly.
  1. What does your character’s laugh sound like? His voice is a little higher than most gentleman, but his laughter is musically high. He is not boisterous with his laughter, but if he is laughing uncontrollably he will snort slightly. When he chuckles, he tries to control how it sounds. He wants to sound manly, so he keeps in a mid-low rumble. He only laughs when he is comfortable with that person.

BONUS: What sort of things would make your character laugh? He will laugh when everyone is having fun, or if something funny is told. He is not one for puns, but if Xavier throws a really good pun his way he will crack a smile. Most jokes are dull to him due to Xavier’s excessive amount of joke telling. Other things Damien laughs at would include thrilling-like falls and rides (of course safely), an animal’s (or someone he knows) clumsy actions, dancing, just socially drinking and playing games… he’s just  a pretty happy go lucky guy.

  1. What is your character’s normal style of speech? Damien speaks fast, but not too quickly. He knows when to breathe and articulate. He is not loud, but at a right volume. He does tend to use his diaphragm more because he feels better projecting. He is very expressive with his words and body language.

BONUS: What are some memorable things your character has said that showcase their unique voice? “War stories, right. You’re supposed to support your brother in times like this you know!” , “If you didn’t want anyone to find them, you should have locked them in the box and hid them elsewhere. What were you expecting?” , “Thanks Aden, you’ve made the princess mad. Join us if you find the time!” , “It’s more like she is ordering my immediate presence for something work related. If you’ll excuse me Charlotte, Aden.”

  1. How does your character express/handle anger? Damien isn’t the type of get angry. It would take a lot to royally upset or anger him. If he does get angry, he is more likely to yell at the aggressor what is wrong about the situation (If not yelling, arguing insistently). He does not like to leave something unfinished, so he will find a means to an end.
  2. Does your character cry? Damien does get more emotional when he is frustrated, he only does it on his own though. He will never show his vulnerability to others. It’s not very often that this happens.

BONUS: What sorts of things would make them cry? Someone close dying, If a mission failed that cost human lives, if he’s in immense pain from an injury.

  1. How easy is it for other people to read your character’s emotions? It is easy to read him when he is happy and content. It is when he is conflicted and upset that it is hard to tell. He takes on a steeled look, and it looks like he is thinking really hard on something. It is easy to tell when he gets to this state, but you won’t be able to guess what is on his mind.

Character Beliefs

  1. Is your character religious? He isn’t super religious, but he believes in an afterlife and soul ascension. The fire burning ritual has been engraved in his memory since his days in The State.
  2. How does your character view those of other faiths? He is very open minded—he isn’t one to be bigoted or treat others differently due to their beliefs.
  3. What are your character’s core values? The freedom to independently act. He feels if people lose this then humanity will become nothing more than followers to a corrupt government passing out free-hand outs. He wants everyone to have a say in what they do, but with laws in place to prevent chaos. He’s a chaotic neutral kind of dude.
  4. How willing is your character to fight for those values? He fights for those freedoms every day—he sails and travels around the world to help protect the lives of the normal citizens so they can be free. Although he has to fight the pirates during these times as well.

Character Likes and Dislikes

  1. What is your character’s favorite food? Tomato Bisque, Fettuccine Alfredo with lots of mushrooms, croissants dipped in coffee or hot chocolate.
  2. What is your character’s favorite color? Beige-brown, he likes the color on the down feathers of Sunny the best. When they catch the sun, the color seems to light up in a vibrant way.
  3. What are your character’s sleeping preferences? He is a stomach sleeper. Damien will crash on the bed in anything short of his underwear and ship. He gets really tired and just collapses. He is an early riser, meaning he doesn’t like staying up real late at night.
  4. What is your character’s sexual identity? Straight
  5. What are your character’s sexual preferences? Damien had to really warm up and get to know the person well. Unless he’s drunk. When he was younger, he had only a few one night stands but his brothers/crew mates coaxed the behavior. At first he thought it was normal, but realized it was just a guy-growing up-into an adult stage. Many of them grew out of that phase when they left the State’s Academy for the second time around. He felt kind of bad about the one night stands, and doesn’t really want to think about it.
  6. What type of music does your character like? He likes nature’s song: The pitter/patter of the rain, the breeze going through the trees, the clouds whistling by, or the insects/animals making noises in the distance. To him, these are all welcome music.

Character History

  1. What is your character’s birthday? January 12th, 1874*

BONUS: Does their astrological sign seem to fit them? Capricorn. Yeah. He can be an asshole when he needs to be, but is dependable a majority of the time. A workaholic and completely self-absorbed (stubborn) in regards to what he wants/needs done. He is caring to those he gets along with, but with strangers he is a bit more wary. He doesn’t really trust people until he gets to know them.

  1. What family structure did your character have growing up? He was raised by his father and older brother. He didn’t have a mother for a majority of his life since she left their family to start her own. His family is a bit of a mess, with his father forcing him to follow in his footsteps. Damien doesn’t really want to lead the merchant family clan, hoping Xavier will take the reins on that issue when it comes up. He was forced into an arranged marriage to help his family clan and another (the Moreno clan), but Damien annulled the engagement as soon as he could. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Sarah Moreno; he just didn’t want to get married to her.
  2. How well did your character get along with their family? He gets along with all of his family members, but he also keeps his father and at arm’s length away. He doesn’t want to get too close or he feels he will get sucked into his father’s routine.
  3. What is the worst thing your character has ever done? The worst thing he did was to his older brother when he was younger. They got into an argument about what the family needed most (Which at the time was for Xavier to follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the family business). He said some nasty things (as most brothers would in fights) to him, and Xavier left the household to make delivery runs. It was within the cooling period of them fighting that made Damien rethink what he told his brother. He also stood his ground when confronting his father a few weeks later, wanting to join the Academy and the State. His father agreed to it, but only if Damien would expand the business into State territory lines. Damien had no choice but to accept. Two years went by where the siblings had not spoken a word to each other. Damien continued studying at the Academy, always thinking back to that moment until finally Xavier visited the Academy with his new boyfriend. Damien wasn’t shocked by the boyfriend, but was more shocked at the fact Xavier had waited until then to give him the reconciliation present that he bought a while ago. Xavier had also joined the State as a merchant liaison, much to their father’s joy and they rekindled their sibling relation.
  1. What is the best thing your character has ever done? The best thing Damien did: He stood his ground to his father about his future. It was a few years after he first joined the Academy, and his father decided it was time for him to get married (at the ripe age of 15). At the beginning Damien just went with it because he always followed his father’s rule, but Xavier came in (more like swooped), and pounded down on him about love should be his choice to make. Aden (who recently joined them) also commented to him that life was too short to be tied down and that the next day was never guaranteed. (So basically tell his dad to suck it). Damien sent a telegram to his father announcing that he would attend the engagement announcement, but he would only go to decline. Sarah Moreno, who also happened to be in the Academy at the time, full-heartedly agreed with his decision informing her family that she did not want to be married to someone who did not wish to marry. In the end the only one who was hurt by it was the Earl William Drummond, but that was all of the collateral damage. To this day Damien has gained the courage to stand up to those who domineered over him, and he continues to build up the strength to stand his ground. Although Olivia is not someone he can stand his ground to often. (haha)
  1. What is the most significant romantic encounter of your character’s past? He had a lot of one night flings, but those were nights that he could barely (or rather doesn’t want to) remember anyway. He didn’t really have his heart broken, but he probably broke one or two by accident.
  1. Has your character ever been in love? Damien has never actually been in love, if anything he had been in love with his work and travelling. He hasn’t really been able to find the one for him yet, but he knows he will find it when he sees it.
  1. Has your character ever been in lust? When he was younger, yeah. Now he is calmer and thinks things through. He knows what the feeling is, but he won’t pursue it. He has other obligations to follow through now.
  1. What is your character’s level of sexual experience? Damien is experienced and inexperienced. He’d be about average.
  1. What is your character’s most embarrassing moment? When he was at the Academy, he was dared (double dog dared) to ask the A.I. personal help desk about their genitalia. Xavier already knew who the person was behind the screen, so he wanted to tease his brother a little bit. Damien, not knowing it was a living person, had gone through with the dare and was acquainted with a video screen of someone a little bit younger than him eating what looked to be like gummy root beer candies. He turned a few shades of red, profusely apologizing for his conduct (and not knowing he had sexually questioned a girl younger than him), and she merely smiled and shut down the screen. Later that day Damien learned that his ID card was denied all privileges to use the water closets for a week. None of the administrators could reset the card, and when asked why he declined to explain. He was then forced to use Aden’s card whenever he needed to clean up or use the facilities.

Character Introspection

  1. What is your character’s biggest goal in life? Damien’s goal in life isn’t set in stone. He takes what comes at him day by day, and always tries to look at the positive. Due to his father’s domineering personality, Damien grew up sheltered and forced to learn high society etiquette. He never fought against his father as his older brother had, which caused some friction between them when they were younger. The youngest Drummond now focuses on keeping his family close so that they don’t have the tension he grew accustomed to when growing up.
  1. What does your character believe is their greatest virtue? Humility–Most of the crew save his youngest and older brother would agree.
  1. What does your character believe is their greatest vice? Greed and pride — His brothers would agree with this as well as a few crew mates.
  1. What motivates your character most? His pride motivates him to continue working hard. He wants to be the kind of dependable guy that you could go to at any time. He is honest 95% of the time, but there are some occasions when he will manipulate someone to do something for him (all while being nice.) This is the asshole part of him.
  2. Is your character objective-oriented? Yes, some goals he has accomplished: finishing the academy, annulling his engagement to Sarah, getting better acquainted with Xavier and Aden, learning how to navigate—and plenty more. He takes tasks one thing at a time, but his socio-behavioral goals are on-going. He doesn’t want to bother his family/friends with his problems so he tries to be happy.
  3. Would your character rather be a great person or a good person? He wants to be a great person.
  4. Would your character rather be hated for being who they are or loved for pretending to be someone else? He’d rather pretend to be someone else than have people hate him.
  5. Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Damien is more of an ambivert.
  6. Is your character creatively expressive? Damien is expressive in the way he treats nature and the things around him. He likes to sit and observe, looking at all the different perspectives before coming up with a conclusive answer.
  1. What’s your character’s disorder? Perfectionist.
  2. What is your character’s standard emotional state? Happy go lucky. When things get tough, he tries to remain optimistic but you can tell he is strained from the trouble.
  3. Is your character materialistic? Sometimes he can be, but he can’t really carry much due to travelling on the sea. He’s an impulsive buyer for small trinkets. (IE three suns mold at Refrazzya)

BONUS: What are some of your character’s prized possessions? His pocket watch, his compass, and a little baby eagle named Sunny.

  1. What is your character’s major learning style? He is a visual learner.
  2. What question isn’t on this questionnaire that your character is just burning to answer?
  1. I am a _________. How would your character complete that sentence? I am a navigator.
  2. Life is an act of _________ing. What verb would your character use to complete that sentence? Life is an act of learning.

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