Character Questionnaire: Anna Anderson


Physical/Aesthetic Characteristics

  1. What color is your character’s hair?  Honey blonde with one strip of popping bubblegum pink near her ear. She tends to wrap her hair up in a bun or messy ponytail, but her pink strands are free alongside her side bangs that frame her face. She has longer hair than her sisters.
  2. What color are your character’s eyes? Cerulean Blue
  3. What color is your character’s skin? Caucasian, ivory white complexion.
  4. What special aesthetic characteristics does your character have? Anna has one long strand of pink in her hair—while Belle’s is straight, Anna’s hair has a slight wave and curl to it.
  5. Does your character have any piercings? Tattoos? Anna has two piercings, both on the lobes of her ears. She typically wears little studded earrings that have varied designs—she is gifted a lot of earrings from Olivia’s treasure box once a year. Anna does have one tattoo, it’s located just under her upper left shoulder blade. Not big in size/ it is a small teacup with saucer and spoon spinning at top.
  1. What’s the sexiest physical characteristic of your character? Anna is very plump and curvy—she is completely comfortable in her skin which makes her that much more adorable. Her cheeks are round like chipmunks.
  2. What’s the ugliest physical characteristic of your character? On her right hand, she has a long gash scar on her palm. She received that mark when she was cutting some fruit platters and the ship rocked to the starboard side. Mostly in shock, she lost the grip of the handle and tried to catch the knife from falling. She wound up catching the blade in her right hand. (PS Anna is left handed).

BONUS: What element of their appearance is your character most insecure about? Anna is more insecure about her hands and fingers than anything else. Due to all of her kitchen related injuries, she feels subconscious about her hands and their practicality. She fears she may lose her sense of motion and work since her wrists, hands, and fingers ache all the time. (Carpel tunnel and Arthritis have a role in this).

  1. What does your character wear? She wears a regular button up blouse (she doesn’t care about the color) and black trousers. She doesn’t really wear any other color except for black pants since she doesn’t want the blood from the meat or the dark colored foods to stain her white and tan state pants. She also wears her white culinary jacket that extends over her hips—and a pink ascot (in place of the red ascot a master chef would wear) over the collar of her neck. She keeps her hair up and tidy under her chef’s hat to keep hair out of the food.

BONUS: Why does your character like wearing that outfit? Anna likes to wear this outfit because it keeps her busy. She doesn’t like to be without something to do, so when she wears her culinary jacket, she knows that she will be prepping and preparing all the food in the kitchen. It gives her a sense of peace.

Expressions of Emotion

  1. When your character smiles, what does their smile look like? When Anna smiles, her cheeks are pronounced and rounded, with dimples on both sides. She has a natural lift in her upper lip that gives her a friendly atmosphere.
  2. What does your character’s laugh sound like? Hearty and rambunctious.

BONUS: What sort of things would make your character laugh? Tyler’s jokes, Belle’s word games that involve using the last letter of the word previously stated, Jakob and Leo’s raucous behavior when they are being mischievous.

  1. What is your character’s normal style of speech? Anna’s normal day speech is enunciated and pronounced. She is very articulate with her wording, and the inflection of her voice will tell the listener what her mood is.

BONUS: What are some memorable things your character has said that showcase their unique voice? “Tyler you really know what to do in a pinch don’t you”, “I didn’t believe him at first so I thought of the most horrifying and demonic things I could, but there it was! I heard poor Belle scream! I’m so sorry sissy”, “I’m thinking someone fuckin’ died up here on deck and what do I find? No, don’t answer because I’ll tell you what I found: I find you embracing Charlotte as if this is your fuckin’ romance story”.

  1. How does your character express/handle anger? Anna does not mince words—if she is mad, she will let you know when she is mad. She doesn’t beat around the bush when telling someone off if they are doing something they shouldn’t.
  2. Does your character cry? Anna doesn’t cry in front of others—she is a very strong and independent women/worker. She does have the capacity of crying, but she hates to cry in front of people.

BONUS: What sorts of things would make them cry? The last time she cried, she was bawling into her pillow because her baby brother died in the miscarriage.

  1. How easy is it for other people to read your character’s emotions? Everyone around her cane tell her emotions from the look on her face, or the inflection in her tone of voice.

Character Beliefs

  1. Is your character religious? Their world isn’t as close minded to belief’s as one would believe. Everyone’s set beliefs are designed to help them through their personal struggle. No one’s belief is superior to the others; rather everyone understands that everyone has their own ways of getting through the day. Anna’s belief is similar to believing a God exists, but it exists to supervise. It does not intervene in their world and can only watch events transpire.
  2. How does your character view those of other faiths? Anna doesn’t push her beliefs onto anyone else. She, like her sister, have been pretty open minded, even offering to try new beliefs to become closer to that person’s point of view.
  3. What are your character’s core values? Anna strictly beliefs in herself and her abilities she has raised while learning to be a State cook/baker. She pushes her abilities and tries to learn something new each and every day.
  4. How willing is your character to fight for those values? She is willing enough to threaten anyone with a wooden spatula.

Character Likes and Dislikes

  1. What is your character’s favorite food? Anna loves all different types of foods and spices. She is not picky in the slightest, enjoying all new gourmet dishes to make and invent. Her favorite food (currently, it changes often) is a fruit parfait topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and a cherry on top.
  2. What is your character’s favorite color? Blue.
  3. What are your character’s sleeping preferences? Anna sleeps on her stomach or sides. She’s more of a pillow grabber and cuddles with large stuffed animals.
  4. What is your character’s sexual identity? Straight
  5. What are your character’s sexual preferences? Anna is more liberal when it comes to sex, she doesn’t mind experimenting as she does when she is cooking in the kitchen. She prefers to think of sex as a fun pastime for adults to get to know each other more intimately.
  6. What type of music does your character like? Anna loves classical and “pop”py music. She likes it when the beat has a happy lilt to it.

Character History

  1. What is your character’s birthday? March 8th, 1873*

BONUS: Does their astrological sign seem to fit them?  Pisces; She, like her twin, fits this sign very well. She is artistic in her food making and enjoys the arts. She is determined to finish her work just as a Pisces would focus on intently.

  1. What family structure did your character have growing up? Anna grew up closer to her mother and the servants than her father. Her father worked more in The State than he did at home in Gailyna. She spent most of her childhood learning how to be a cuisine master and noblewoman getting ready for marriage compared to her twin who aspired to follow their father’s footsteps.
  2. How well did your character get along with their family? Anna and her family have a convivial relationship between each other. Despite her mother losing the baby (it was a boy) during a miscarriage, the girls stepped up to fulfill the next head of the household duty. Belle worked with her father while Anna took care of all behind the scenes kitchen and culinary work. After a few taxing years of work, she was recruited by the head chef within the State after her third year of being top of her class for culinary arts.
  3. What is the worst thing your character has ever done? When Anna was first learning how to cook and bake—she threw away a whole shipment of food because she thought it was expired—she learned that it was cheese that was supposed to be chunky. The whole cost of the shipment cost well over the dreggs she made within a year of being an apprentice for the bakery shop, but she slowly paid off the shipment to make up for her mistake. Now she double—triple checks her food before throwing them away.
  4. What is the best thing your character has ever done? When Anna finally paid back every single dregs she received through hard working hours and dismal environments to rectify a mistake she made. She felt accomplished that she was able to be an adult and solve her own problems without asking for her parents to step in.
  5. What is the most significant romantic encounter of your character’s past? Anna only worked in the kitchens. She didn’t really have a boyfriend to have romantic encounters with, but she did have a few experimental episodes with guys in the cooking school she attended. It also helped pay her debt back. (Basically some of the guys paid her to have sex with her.)
  6. Has your character ever been in love? Anna fell head over heels for Tyler Marklin. She enjoyed his company when he was first picked up from Charlotte’s home and they hit it off ever since. Tyler was a bit slow on the uptake.
  7. Has your character ever been in lust? No, she wasn’t the type to be lust filled for guys, but she used the lust the guy’s had against them to her favor.
  8. What is your character’s level of sexual experience? She has a varied amount of experience as she has been with a few score men. She learned through lots of trials and errors.
  9. What is your character’s most embarrassing moment? It wasn’t embarrassing as it was humiliating to her pride to sell her body to pay back the debt she owed. She didn’t want to rely on her family to pay it back so she worked two jobs at the school and at night sold herself out to guys to raise the money. Luckily she wasn’t in that loop for long, but she still remembers the rough times.

Character Introspection

  1. What is your character’s biggest goal in life? Anna wants to become to best Master chef in the State. Every year cooks and bakers from across the globe travel to Arya to compete for the title. Unfortunately for Anna, with The State after her with treason, she has had to give up on it for now.
  2. What does your character believe is their greatest virtue? Patience—some would say yes, while some would say no. The naysayers were mostly talking about her temper when it flared.
  3. What does your character believe is their greatest vice? Greed—she is always striving to bring the next newest cooking talent into creation. She wants to improve more on her skills and learn new cooking styles.
  4. What motivates your character most? Cooking—or baking. If you mention anything about cooking or baking, or recipes Anna will work the hardest to complete that given task. Simone and Elliot learned this about her when they offered her five new cooking books if she left The Phoenix to study at Liliec for that time away.
  5. Is your character objective-oriented? Anna likes to have everything organized and written in steps–she likes to refer to charts and visual recipe guides to orchestrate food items into a dish–she is working towards altering dishes and recipes to add in her own unique taste and/or flavor.
  6. Would your character rather be a great person or a good person? Anna wants to become a great person through her profession–she doesn’t care how she gets there either.
  7. Would your character rather be hated for being who they are or loved for pretending to be someone else? Anna isn’t one to mince words so she’ll say what is needed to be said without minding people hating her. She does keep an eye on what she says so that her words are not too hurtful, but she won’t be forgiving.
  8. Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Extrovert
  9. Is your character creatively expressive? Anna is pretty creative in regards to cooking and baking–she likes adding in new things to make it her own dish.
  10. What’s your character’s disorder? 
  11. What is your character’s standard emotional state? Generally happy and easy going– always on the go and peppy. Concentrated on making her customers happy.
  12. Is your character materialistic? In regard to kitchen supplies: Yes. She can never have enough kitchen supplies in her Caboose.

BONUS: What are some of your character’s prized possessions? Her master chef ascot, her pink strand of hair that her sister dyed for her, her wooden spoon and tea cup vintage set decorations for her Caboose.

  1. What is your character’s major learning style? Visual and Verbal
  2. What question isn’t on this questionnaire that your character is just burning to answer? Any takers on Anna?
  1. I am a _________. How would your character complete that sentence? I am a baker!
  2. Life is an act of _________ing. What verb would your character use to complete that sentence? Life is an act of cooking great food!

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