Character Questionnaire: Jakob Preston



Physical/Aesthetic Characteristics

  1. What color is your character’s hair?  Sandy dark brown—cut short on the sides, but has a good fringe or quiff on top, which is messy a majority of the time.
  2. What color are your character’s eyes? Brown mahogany eyes
  3. What color is your character’s skin? Hispanic—light copper tan
  4. What special aesthetic characteristics does your character have? Well defined jaw and cute dumbo-like ears.
  5. Does your character have any piercings? Tattoos? Jakob has a set of birds flying up and around his arms. He does not have no earrings or piercings, although Leo has betted him a few times to get them in. Luckily Jakob didn’t lose in those bets.
  6. What’s the sexiest physical characteristic of your character? Boyish charm—muscle built in his arms, torso, and legs due to countless years of his travelling magic show.
  7. What’s the ugliest physical characteristic of your character? He says that it’s his ears—but many disagree with him.

BONUS: What element of their appearance is your character most insecure about? Surprisingly Jakob is most insecure about his whole body—he eats a lot of food so he feels like he is gaining weight. The problem is that he works so much calories off, he can’t even gain a few pounds.

  1. What does your character wear? Jakob typically is wearing a hunter green long sleeved high v-neck. The sleeves are bundled up to his elbows, and held up using makeshift odds and ends that he attached to the fabric. He wears a dusky dark brown full vest with popped up collar. The material is water resistant ad weather resistant, but it doesn’t protect his whole chest section since it is open. The vest connects at the abdomen with two – three buttons. There are buttons for decoration along the vertical open end of the vest that stop just about three inches from the start of the collar. Goldish colored rope is dangled between the hem of the front to around the button and back to the hem in a zig-zag fashion. It has an open sleeve style, with fabric flipped over to add more texture to the vest. The vest runs until the waist line, tailoring in a triangular shape. The back of the vest is tailored, also in a similar triangular shape. He wears different toned cargo pants, or depending on how hot it is, shorts. He wears black work boots that has ropes wrapping around the ankle and lower calf. He uses the ropes to hold together his boots since they are starting to come apart at the shoelaces in front.

BONUS: Why does your character like wearing that outfit? Jakob isn’t one for fashion, but he really likes this outfit the best because it was his first present from Xavier, Dean, and Markus when he boarded the Division. It was around the time his life had changed, so he is proud of being given these clothes to look as a team mate would.

Expressions of Emotion

  1. When your character smiles, what does their smile look like? His cheeks puff up like a chipmunks and he shows all of his teeth—he has the wrinkles underneath his eyes as he smiles, revealing his actual feeling.
  2. What does your character’s laugh sound like? Slightly tenor to mid range chuckle—almost at the cusp of maturity but not quite attained just yet.

BONUS: What sort of things would make your character laugh? Leo, seeing those around him laughing, his successful attempts at his magic shows and tricks, pranking people, telling puns and jokes, listening to funny stories.

  1. What is your character’s normal style of speech? Jakob’s style of talking is somewhat immature with tones of joking around. He doesn’t seem to have a serious bone in his body, making it hard for him to actually be mad. He has a boyish charm that reflects both in his eyes, face, and voice.

BONUS: What are some memorable things your character has said that showcase their unique voice? “Yeah, there might be damsels in need of rescuing in that town!”, “We can’t go ‘til the Captain releases us from our posts.”, “Damy and Snow, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” .

  1. How does your character express/handle anger? He focuses on other activities and things to do rather than letting it all out. He’s the type of person to simmer and smother the anger out rather than talk about it and show his anger.
  2. Does your character cry? Jakob has been through some pretty bad experiences as a kid growing up. He cried very little only because if he did cry, he would get beaten at the orphanage. He unfortunately got the worst end of the stick.

BONUS: What sorts of things would make them cry? Pain, people in pain, his best friends getting hurt, the world hurting.

  1. How easy is it for other people to read your character’s emotions? Jakob is very similar to Leo in this regard. He chooses to keep things to himself, which could be seen as the emo side of him. He isn’t as open about his feelings as some of the others would.

Character Beliefs

  1. Is your character religious? No, he is pretty agnostic to religion. He does the fire ascension ceremonies mostly out of respect for the other party. He isn’t one to allow other worldly things to affect how he acts in the present state.
  2. How does your character view those of other faiths? Jakob’s pretty open minded—but it’s more or less because he doesn’t care about it rather than an understanding.
  3. What are your character’s core values? Establishing a familial connection to all of his friends and crew mates, keeping his home stable and operational (the ship is his home).
  4. How willing is your character to fight for those values? Jakob keeps up with his job almost out of habit. He knows he could live on his own (he’s been doing that since he ran from the orphanage) but he likes being with Leo, Markus, Xavier, Dean, Aden, and their newly found growing home. He would rather cut off a hand than have to leave it if given the choice.

Character Likes and Dislikes

  1. What is your character’s favorite food? Jakob likes all types of food—growing up with no choice or opportunities to eat, Jakob is very grateful for any food in his presence. He will scarf anything down as long as it’s in front of him.
  2. What is your character’s favorite color? Green
  3. What are your character’s sleeping preferences? Jakob likes curling up on his side and drapes his arms and legs around a pillow. He does like to have his back against the wall for supports.

BONUS: What position does your character typically sleep in? Depending on how much work he does on deck—he will sleep like a curled up ball or sleep with arms and legs spread all out on the mattress. If he is sleeping in the spread eagle form, it’s because he is purely exhausted and he just collapsed onto the bed in that position.

  1. What is your character’s sexual identity? Straight
  2. What are your character’s sexual preferences? Jakob is a pretty liberal person in bed—he is more progressive in regards to having a one night stand with a girl compared to some of his other friends. He doesn’t talk about his adventures in bed, but he enjoys a good time with the girl.
  3. What type of music does your character like? Jakob enjoys poppy and energetic music—something with a raucous sound that almost sounds like chaos.

Character History

  1. What is your character’s birthday? December 9th, 1877*

BONUS: Does their astrological sign seem to fit them?  Sagittarius—Yes, Jakob is very much like a Sagittarius in regards to traveling and not exactly following through with all of his main projects. He is one to have some pretty excellent ideas but either finds something else to do after starting or is completely enamored by another big world problem.

  1. What family structure did your character have growing up? Jakob didn’t really have a family growing up—he lost his parents in a pirate raid when he was young. After that he was thrown into the orphanage system where he struggled foster home after foster home until he was forced into an even worse off orphanage near the borders of Torrek and Na Luna Province. There he was abused until the age of 12 where he decided to cut all ties and run away. He succeeded in his escape, stowing away on a ship until he made it to Refrazzya.
  2. How well did your character get along with their family? When they were alive, he got along with them wonderfully—although he was only three at the time.
  3. What is the worst thing your character has ever done? He stole his father’s ring from his father’s dead corpse–he always regretted doing it, but he wanted something to remember them by.
  4. What is the best thing your character has ever done? When he ran away from the abusive orphanage, he swore not to forget the pain he went through. He would later inform the State after his initial sign up with their military about the ongoing problem at this orphanage, and that instantly put a stop to the abuse. The orphanage wasn’t shut down, but the people hosting the place and causing the abuse were placed into prison.
  5. What is the most significant romantic encounter of your character’s past? There was a pretty girl he liked in the orphanage, and she was a few years older than he was. He was experimenting and discovered that he enjoyed a woman’s company during his traumatic years.
  6. Has your character ever been in love? No—he only considered love as parental love. He is more of a friendly lover rather than falling head over heels with someone.
  7. Has your character ever been in lust? Yes, he typically hides it well.
  8. What is your character’s level of sexual experience? He’s average—he knows enough to get him by, and not enough to be a player.
  9. What is your character’s most embarrassing moment? Jakob was practicing with fire for the first time (for his magic show) and during the middle of his act, he caught his breeches on fire. His magic show then turned into a comedy as he stopped, dropped, and rolled while the crowd laughed. While he played it off well, it was rather embarrassing for him. Luckily the people didn’t see it as a mistake and paid him handsomely for the service. Jakob didn’t play with his fire tricks until much later when Leo joined him.

Character Introspection

  1. What is your character’s biggest goal in life? Jakob wants to explore the whole globe first—and then after he has seen all that he can see, he wants to find a place to call his own. He wants to be included in a group and have that family that he struggled without for many years. The State was able to give him some type of solace when they assigned him to the Division but Leo was the one who really stepped up and filled the role of inclusion.
  2. What does your character believe is their greatest virtue? Temperance—Jakob is set in his ways of working to find a better place to be. He works every day to ensure that he is content, even if he is in transition.
  3. What does your character believe is their greatest vice? Sloth—While he likes to work hard, he also does have a tendency to be lazy. He wants nothing more than to sleep for 20+ hours and bingewatch the ocean swell alongside the ship’s hull than work.
  4. What motivates your character most? Being able to come up with new material for his magic show—he also is motivated by his role models to be better and improve upon himself.
  5. Is your character objective-oriented? No, Jakob is one of those come as he please types. He will react according to what happens versus planning for it. This is probably why he can irritate Olivia more than anyone else, because he’s actually an intellectual kid—albeit lazy to think past step 3 in future planning.
  6. Would your character rather be a great person or a good person? Jakob would rather be good than great.
  7. Would your character rather be hated for being who they are or loved for pretending to be someone else? He would rather be loved for pretending versus being hated—only because he wants to find a place to call home. If he caused friction, then he would lose the one thing he had been struggling to whole time to achieve.
  8. Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Extrovert.
  9. Is your character creatively expressive? Jakob is creatively expressive in how he works his magic. He likes to add new skill traits or something that he learned to his acts, always improving for the sake of his show.
  10. What’s your character’s disorder? Dyslexia
  11. What is your character’s standard emotional state? He is pretty happy go lucky—although between him and Leo, Jakob is far more serious and down to Earth.
  12. Is your character materialistic? The only thing he cherishes more is the ring that he picked up from his Father’s dead hand.

BONUS: What are some of your character’s prized possessions? His family ring.

  1. What is your character’s major learning style? Jakob learns through kinesthetic and oral learning—he isn’t very good with reading or visual charts.
  2. What question isn’ton this questionnaire that your character is just burning to answer? Any questions from the audience?
  3. I am a _________. How would your character complete that sentence? I am a comedian!
  4. Life is an act of _________ing. What verb would your character use to complete that sentence? Life is an act of joking around!

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