Character Questionnaire: Sarah Moreno


Physical/Aesthetic Characteristics

  1. What color is your character’s hair?  Mahogany brown with dark red dyes mixed in as highlights. Well blended and full. Her hair is incredibly curly, almost to the point her long curls looks like long puffy perms. Her hair is very vivacious and bushy.
  2. What color are your character’s eyes? She has more of a reddish brown tint for her eye color.
  3. What color is your character’s skin? Mulato with hispanic heritage.
  4. What special aesthetic characteristics does your character have? Sarah has beautifully crafted items and jewelry pieces that accentuate her slim wrists, neck, and ankles. She loves to decorate her arms and clothing choices with all of the different types of accessories to establish high societal expectations.
  5. Does your character have any piercings? Tattoos? She has both of her ears pierced, on her left ear she has an earring piece that extends from the top of her ear to her lobe. She wears intricate earring pieces that her family sells to girls.
  6. What’s the sexiest physical characteristic of your character? Sarah’s sexiest physical trait would be her long curly hair, clear skin, pretty smile (despite her attitude)
  7. What’s the ugliest physical characteristic of your character? She doesn’t like her ears because of how big they are, and her nose. She tries to hide their largeness with her jewelry and different accessories.


8a. What does your character wear? (Casual) She wears a strapless mahogany and reddish brown Victorian maiden dress, she has a fabric belt that has lots of jingly coins that her family sells to belly dancers. She also added the same jingly coins and bells onto the bottom of the hem to accentuate the sounds. She wears a golden necklace on her neck. The length of the dress extends back to her lower thigh and tapers up to her mid-thigh up in the front.  Sarah is decked out in accessories, from bohemian arm cuffs in different colors and designs to chain armlets that drape upon her arms. She wears light tan to weathered tan over the knee-high leather boots with heel.

BONUS: Why does your character like wearing that outfit? She likes it because she can show off all of her family’s merchandise and advertise—plus she looks cute.

8b. What does your character wear? (Formal) She has a form fitting white blouse that is high collared and buttoned up to the top. The blouse has ruffles and lined textures to the front of the shirt, in a V-shape. It accentuates her upper body and ideally gives her a slim waist look. She wears a dark brown long fluffy skirt that flows out in billows. She has a good amount of fabric to tuck into the back to make a big bustle. She wears a mini mahogany brownish red corset that covers the top of the skirt line and her shirt that is tucked in. The corset tightens before the bustle in made from the skirt. She uses the bustle to hide the ties in the back. She wears heeled boots that have reddish brown fabric lace on the top of the boots and run as décor along the side of them. They have some gear accessories on the fabric to make the shoes pop out more.

Expressions of Emotion

  1. When your character smiles, what does their smile look like? When Sarah smiles, one has to decide whether if it’s if she’s actually happy or if she’s making fun of someone.
  2. What does your character’s laugh sound like? Sarah’s laughter sounds melodic—almost enticing if someone were just to hear it from a distance.

BONUS: What sort of things would make your character laugh? She can laugh over her sister’s memories and moments, enjoying her friends company, Leo’s comedy shows just for her.

  1. What is your character’s normal style of speech? Sarah is straight-laced, and strict in honesty. She does have a bit of lilt to her voice, giving her a musicality of sorts in the way she talks.
  2. How does your character express/handle anger? She expresses her anger and frustrations openly, but it’s mostly out of joking despite the threats she makes against the boys. She can be a bit waspish with her words, but it’s mostly to the girls that randomly show up.
  3. Does your character cry? Sarah can cry over the simplest things—anything even as simple as her sister’s being hurt or someone stubbed their toe (which ruined their newly glossed nail polish). She is a high maintenance type of girl.
  4. How easy is it for other people to read your character’s emotions? If Sarah wants to hide something, she will. She is excellent at keeping a secret, especially if it is about someone she knows. She doesn’t tell others how she is feeling unless it is someone she really trusts, or if they call her out on it.

Character Beliefs

  1. Is your character religious? Sarah was raised in a religious family. Every week, once a day she and her sister’s would go to the church grounds and offer prayers for good fortune and luck. They would also volunteer their time to help run local festivities and events in Na Luna Province for the church. The Moreno family is well know to be full advocates of the church—which is why Sarah sings so well. She was chosen from her sisters to sing and lead worships. While all of the daughters can sing, Sarah had more of a domineering voice.
  2. How does your character view those of other faiths? Sarah doesn’t really care for what other’s think of her belief, and likewise, she doesn’t really care for what they believe. She’s one of those who will believe and keep her opinions to herself.
  3. What are your character’s core values? Strength, passion, confidence, courage, persistence, diligent in all tasks associated with her family’s merchant company.
  4. How willing is your character to fight for those values? Sarah chose to leave her family in an arranged marriage with another well prominent merchant clan overseas—unfortunately she discovered through her time in the Academy that she wasn’t content with being with someone who didn’t want to be with her. She agreed with Damien, her fiancé, that they should annul the engagement and decide for themselves a partner to marry. The only person that was hurt (pride wise) was Earl William Drummond, but Sarah’s Mother and Father took it well.

Character Likes and Dislikes

  1. What is your character’s favorite food? She likes to eat homemade tamales, enchilada’s, carne asada burritos or tacos, brown rice flavored with lime zest. Black beans, homemade salsa.
  2. What is your character’s favorite color? Sarah enjoys the color purple.
  3. What are your character’s sleeping preferences? She likes to sleep on a soft mattress with extra blankets and pillows.
  4. What is your character’s sexual identity? Straight
  5. What type of music does your character like? Sarah loves all folklore and historical pieces of music—opera and lyrical are also favorites. She prefers power ballads when she wants to belt.

BONUS: Does your character have a song that is “their song”? She really enjoys the ballads such as “Ora Pro Nobis” or “The Lost Chord”.

Character History

  1. What is your character’s birthday? April 9th, 1874*

BONUS: Does their astrological sign seem to fit them?  Being an Aries, she does have a bit of spunk and hot headedness. For the most part, she is like an Aries, especially when confined to small spaces.

  1. What family structure did your character have growing up? Sarah grew up in a loving home environment. Her family is large, with three younger sisters and an older brother whom married and moved to another location. Her family is in charge of the Moreno Trading Company, the main housing unit for the merchant sellers around the world. Her father is a caring individual who puts others before himself.
  2. How well did your character get along with their family? She gets along with her family marvelously. She dotes on her sisters equally, and cherishes her mother and father for all of the opportunities given to her. They understand her choice about sailing as a representative for them, and only want to keep her best intentions in mind.
  3. What is the worst thing your character has ever done? She gets caught in a sticky situation involving her family—and has to lose the trust she gained from her friends to keep the situation from getting worse.
  4. What is the best thing your character has ever done? When she was engaged, she could tell that her fiancé to be was being forced into it by his father. While she found him charming, she didn’t want to be with someone if they didn’t want to be with her. She ended the engagement after discussing it with Damien and they became pretty good friends.
  5. What is the most significant romantic encounter of your character’s past? Sarah is more likely to break hearts than anything. She did feel a bit depressed that a young male from the Drummond clan didn’t want her, so she jumped her interests into other guys rather quickly. She is solely focusing her attention on Aden, but she uses that as a front since she knows he finds her rather annoying.
  6. Has your character ever been in love? Yes, she has but she doesn’t show her feelings often enough. She’s afraid that this adventure they’re on will lead them to something disastrous so she doesn’t want to bet on something that won’t last.
  7. Has your character ever been in lust? No—she’s pretty conservative.
  8. What is your character’s level of sexual experience? Non-existent

Character Introspection

  1. What is your character’s biggest goal in life? To take care of her family, and find new ways to establish her place in the Moreno Trading Company. She just wants to help her family out with the business.
  2. What does your character believe is their greatest virtue? Honesty-even to a fault.
  3. What does your character believe is their greatest vice? Gluttony-she likes enjoying yummy food and working in Anna’s caboose.
  4. What motivates your character most? Being able to travel the world in her own way—even if she is confined. Being able to see the world that the Moreno Trading Company helps with supplies and services.
  5. Is your character objective-oriented? Not particularly. She follows what everyone else does with some attitude.
  6. Would your character rather be a great person or a good person? She would prefer to be great than good—she tries to be great in everything that she does, even if it’s one sided.
  7. Would your character rather be hated for being who they are or loved for pretending to be someone else? Sarah would rather be hated than loved with pretension.
  8. Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Extrovert—ostentatiously.
  9. Is your character creatively expressive? Sarah is not creatively expressive, but she knows how to sell items or things out to other parties.
  10. What’s your character’s disorder? Specific Learning Disability—struggles with math
  11. What is your character’s standard emotional state? Mostly confident and enduring most of the idiots she is surrounded by. She doesn’t like to entertain to people who are less than her.
  12. Is your character materialistic? Yes, she is incredibly materialistic—she likes to sell those items and make them available for girls and women alike to enjoy.
  13. What is your character’s major learning style? Visual
  14. What question isn’ton this questionnaire that your character is just burning to answer?

TR: What made you leave your family to continue traveling with the Division?

Sarah: I wanted to expand my connections and I knew I could do that with Damien’s help. He is from the Drummond clan, which would help our company greatly. It was a good promotional pitch for a while.

  1. I am a _________. How would your character complete that sentence? I am a passionate singer.
  2. Life is an act of _________ing. What verb would your character use to complete that sentence? Life is an act of improving.

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