Misc. Post 7

WOAH–this last week has been such a blast! As you all know, I was at Phoenix Comicon as a vendor this year (selling little miscellaneous items in lieu of my book). First a BIG shoutout to my best friend Nicole (AKA Tilted Tripod) for coming with me and helping me get stuff together in less than a month! You are a huge integral part of this teamwork, I can’t begin to describe how much you’ve done. You deserve the moon and more. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

It was amazing to meet all of these already existing exhibitors and their talented work. I really loved the new books I bought from B.C. Brown (A Touch of Darkness) and Michael Bradley’s (The Ghost Ship)! I also bought an amazing piece made by one of my coworkers, Jeff Ellison, from the anime Princess Tutu. I could not contain the child within me. We also had lovely neighbors (their names were Jenny and Dalyn) who crafted lots of cat and wolf art pieces. I absolutely adore my Ookami sticker and Toothless/Cat bookmark.

AND I can’t forget about TJ Geist’s newest project with his friends: Dreadbound! If you’d like to learn more about it you can click the Kickstarter link here: Dreadbound Kickstarter
Trust me, this is a cooperative board game that you can fall in love with. I am a huge fan of the art, and the storyline is on point! From what I saw at Phoenix Comicon at their booth, it is something I definitely recommend! If you’re interested in making a pledge, please go to this link and help them. They have until the end of the month and they are made about 3/4th of their goal!

Needless to say, This weekend was such a blast! I can’t begin to express my gratitude to all of those who came by the table and were interested in learning more. I hope you’ll stay for more, and I will continue to update as I go through the editorial process of the book. First edits were just completed, just waiting for the second round. 🙂 ANDDDD yes, next year Tilted Tripod and myself will be back for another round at Phoenix Comicon! This time with a book to sell! 😀

Have a wonderful and safe summer all, and we shall see you next week!


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