Misc. 8: Slightly Depressing News

It pains me to type out this informational paragraph, but it needs to be said. Unfortunately, as some of my friends knew, I happened to run into some unexpected hiccups in my process to get the book published. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with a deeply sad heart that my book will not be published any time in the near future.

I am deeply saddened, not only from this turn of events, but also grieved that many people who were looking forward to my book will have to wait a long while before it is allowed to be published.

I cannot say anything more, or else I could infringe upon breaking my contract but please keep this book in mind as we go through a turbulent process to regain its rights. It’ll probably be a while, but I won’t stop. It’s my work of art and I won’t sit still and let someone destroy that dream. I know Charlotte, Aden, Olivia, Damien, and Xavier wouldn’t sit still. I’ll be damned if I let this get the best of me.

So in the meantime, check in to this webpage when you see an update! I’m going to start re uploading chapters from my book and continuing where I left off. There’s no point in stopping when I can just continue to release the unedited parts of my book to all of you who love this book already. And to those who have stuck by me since the beginning, thank you. I really do appreciate your time, effort, contributions, and moral support.

Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line we’ll all remember the time when Tessa Renalds duked it out to share her story to the world.

Keep cool (especially those in AZ, may monsoon season come quickly and quietly) and enjoy yourselves in this deadly liaison at sea! 😀


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