Chapter VII: Decisive Meeting (Part 1)

Had it barely been a year since that fateful day on the Division? She knew it was only two to three months after her last letter was sent to Olivia, but there had not been any letters sent to her. Charlotte had found it strange that not one person, not even Damien, had replied to her letter. When she thought about why something like that would have happened, she began to realize something could have taken their attention away.

Sighing, Charlotte was standing on the starboard side of the Lodger, watching the waves lightly plow into the well-maintained vessel that Elliot had owned. The wind picked up the trails of her white dress that she received from two of the nicest people she could hardly remember now. The man known as Luke Wallace and the woman, who did not even have a face or name, had given her clothing and a place to hide away until she was strong enough to move. It was thanks to them that she was even still alive to this day.

“Charlotte, try not to lean over the rail like that!”

Charlotte looked over her shoulder to the male with his slightly fringed blond hair and hazel eyes, flamboyant frilly clothing, and rings decorated on his digits. He was exuberant in everything that he did, especially in his lessons teaching Charlotte about the English language.

“You don’t need to be so alarmed, Mr. Nielsen. I’ve been through worse than falling off a ship before.” She gave him a vibrant smile that was contagious for all those around.

“Normally, you wouldn’t be smiling when you’re saying something so dismal, Charlotte.” He gave the girl a pat on the head before he turned his back to the rail. Leaning back on it, he peered around the girl to see what she was looking at. All they could see was the bright-orange sun setting in the distance. “What’s caught your eye, Charlotte?” he asked, wondering what the girl was transfixed by.

“I was looking at the sunset. It reminded me of my short time on the Division.” Charlotte looked up at the sky before pouting. “I really wish I got to know everyone, Aden and Damien more so than everyone else. I think they all saw me as an enemy or something.”

Mr. Nielsen just laughed at her pout. “I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Charlotte. According to Admiral Chief Julian, the crew of the Division combined forces with Elliot’s little sister. I think they named their new ship the Phoenix. I’m sure we’ll cross paths when we arrive at the Cheric estate.” The man hummed a soft tune as Charlotte nodded.

“I hope so! I have so much to say to that captain anyway.” Charlotte also hummed lightly to Nielsen’s tune.

“And what’s that, Charlotte?”

The girl smiled. “I wanted to tell him thanks for saving me and sorry for assuming he was a pirate. I learned through reading Simone’s report that the Division was actually on an inventory trip, bringing supplies back and forth between the continents. It should have been a week voyage, but the Division wanted to make a couple of more stops before docking back in Liliec.” She continued to laugh while the wind danced with her hair. The weather was getting chillier as the sun was still setting.

Mr. Nielsen sighed. “Why don’t you head on inside, Charlotte? The night will be upon us, and you’ll catch a cold. Off you go.” He gently grabbed the girl by her shoulders and pushed her to the cabins.

Reluctantly, she walked over to the door, heading below and waved goodbye to Mr. Nielsen.

When she was out of sight, Andrew Nielsen looked up at the wheelhouse where Simone and Elliot were overlooking the deck. They had given a glance down to the teacher before returning to their duties. Curious, the instructor walked over to the stairs leading up into where they were at inside.

“How are things going in here, gentlemen?” He was joyous as always despite the obvious decline of happiness in the room.

Elliot clicked his tongue before rolling up his map.

Simone merely smiled at Mr. Nielsen and began to explain, “We noticed two pirate battleships heading northbound toward our current location.”

Mr. Nielsen nodded before looking out the windows.

“Anything we need to be concerned about?” he asked cheerfully, and Elliot shook his head.

“I am concerned over the recent pirate attacks on vessels. With each passing day, those scurvy pirates attack anything they come across.”

Simone nodded with Elliot before continuing for him, “This area is mostly dominated with pirates, I’m afraid. All the pirates seemed to have joined with Zaine’s ensemble of men to domineer over the states. The promise of Relic stones is everywhere these days.” Simone shook his head while Mr. Nielsen listened silently. It was perturbing to know how troublesome these times have truly become.

“How long until those ships are upon us?”

The elder Cheric looked down at his charts before peering at his compass. “They’ll be upon us in less than an hour. We should remain under the radar as long as we do not look too conspicuous to them.”

Andrew Nielsen and Simone agreed. “Indeed. Let’s proceed cautiously.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞


Authoress Note: Hey Guys! Here’s the next part of Chapter 7 for your enjoyment. 🙂 Let me know what you think!


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