Chapter VII: Decisive Meeting (Part 4)

Under the water, she flung her body back and forth, attempting to loosen the binds on her hands and feet, but as time continued, she began panicking. Charlotte couldn’t breathe, and she couldn’t swim up to the surface. While the ocean was calm, it still frightened the girl as she thought for a third time in her life that she was going to die.

As she flung herself back, she collided into something solid and lost some of her breath. She began to panic even more as the feeling of death’s door to Davy Jones began to open for her, and all she could do was fling herself like a fish out of water. Losing a majority of her strength at her futility, she went limp and welcomed the sinking. If she was going to die, she might as well die a dignified death.

Only a pair of strong arms had wrapped themselves around her waist and tugged her away from where she was. As she was being pulled away, she wondered who it could have been, but as her body was floating with her new guest, she felt herself losing consciousness.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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