Chapter VII: Decisive Meeting (Part 7)

A week passed since the incident with Rieker Hobbs and Elliot’s men, but when everything was settled, the crews created a temporary membership with one another. The specific leaders that they followed were Aden, Olivia, Xavier, and Elliot. But overall, it was a relaxed ruling. Each captain had their own way of settling things, but with a reuniting cause, they put aside their differences.

“Are you sure you should be up and about?” Mr. Nielsen questioned the bubbly Charlotte Lionsheart while they walked. They were heading to the caboose where Anna had promised her a yummy breakfast when she had regained her strength.

“Mr. Nielsen, you worry too much!” She was given her satchel of personal belongings before they had set fire to both the vessels a week ago, and she wore her treasured white dress and brown belt proudly. Also, she would be damned if she wore another cabin boy’s outfit again.

“You died, Charlotte. How could I not worry about you, sweetie?”

“Almost died,” Charlotte added with a smile. “I learned in this past year that we should treasure each and every moment in our lives, so why ponder the past when we have so much to do in the present?” She smiled at her wisdom before skipping down the hall, leaving Nielsen in history long since passed.

He remembered when Lessye had skipped down the street, telling him that the past was in the past, just like Charlotte stated previously. Full of nostalgia, he thought of the first day he met Charlotte and found out from just her appearance that she was the living daughter of his childhood crush.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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