Chapter VII: Decisive Meeting (Part 8+9)

“Who are you?” a timid lady replied as he entered her room.

Hoping not to scare her, he bowed his head. “I’m Andrew Nielsen, and I will be your English tutor and supervisor.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Nielsen! My name is Charlotte-—I mean, Lottie Lionsheart . . . I mean, I’m an idiot. I hope to learn a great deal from you though!” She smiled that familiar smile that once belonged to a girl he adored in his childhood but suppressed the emotions welling in his gut.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he nodded his head. “I look forward to teaching you, Miss Lionsheart, though I’m sure we have plenty to talk about! What is your education standing?”

“Well, my father taught as a professor over at the academy, so he was always on top of our schoolwork when we were growing up.” Charlotte smiled, glad to know that Mr. Nielsen had not questioned her change in name.

The teacher merely nodded his head as he inquired more about her father. “What did you father teach? I may have worked with him!” Andrew charismatically asked his question so much so that Charlotte forgot about her current situation.

“You probably did if you worked at the academy! His name was Bryan Rothschild and one of the greatest professors that cared for his students!” Charlotte beamed, but under Andrew’s questioning glance and gaping mouth did she realize what she just revealed. “I mean—I wish I had a father like him—”

Andrew would have inquired more about this, but Simone and Elliot walked in with some workbooks for the girl to focus on. The older Cheric just sighed as he dropped the books heavily upon the oak wood.

“This is why she needs a guardian, Simone. No wonder, Olivia had to childproof her workstation.”

Simone chuckled. “She’s clumsy—especially when she’s not paying attention.”

The girl merely gaped in horror, her face brightening a crimson red. She covered her face seconds after and dropped her head to the desk.

Andrew Nielsen looked to the girl, hoping to bring her out from her withdrawn state. “I had a feeling—no worries, Elliot and Simone—your secret is safe with me, Charlotte.” The girl lifted her head upon his request and blinked her hazel eyes. “I hope you’re ready to appreciate our reading list!” He was struck with the feeling that she would not like reading exactly like that one woman, and like he thought, Nielsen witnessed the young girl pout her lips.

“I was hoping for writing than reading.”

The instructor laughed at their similarities. This girl and Lessye, the woman he adored, definitely were identical in looks and behaviorisms. The flush that rushed the girl’s cheeks made him wave his hand in apology. “Sorry, sorry, you reminded me of a girl who didn’t like reading as much as she should have.”

Charlotte perked her head. “A girl? Did you like her, Mr. Nielsen?” Charlotte liked gossip, especially trying to figure out the love lives of those around her. Simone and Elliot were tight like clams, so it was hard to find anything interesting to talk about with them.

“Try not to reveal too much, Nielsen. She may look at you weirdly,” Elliot calmly retorted before shaking his head. He did not have the time for useless chatter. Simone went to follow his friend with a bemused smirk. “Enjoy your tutoring Charlotte.”

Andrew Nielsen smiled, pulling out his stationary. He directed the girl to pick up her ink quill and her stationery.

She did as he asked but knew that he didn’t answer her last question. Coyly, she opted for a different one. “Was she beautiful like an empress?” she questioned with eyes bright like diamonds.

Nielsen couldn’t help but chuckle at her. “Something like that and more.” The girl who was hoping for more information pouted when Nielsen closed the topic. “Now we’ll start with reading Emily Bronte’s poetry. I think you’ll enjoy these as much as I have.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Nielsen snapped out of his stupor when someone bumped into him. Glancing at his side, he realized that he was staring into emerald eyes that seemed to know a little too much than needed. Smiling to the male, he pointed to the caboose where Charlotte was sitting peacefully with a plate of steaming pancakes. “If you’re looking for her, she’s eating breakfast.”

Aden looked where he was pointing then back to him. “Who said I was looking for her?”

Nielsen smiled and turned his finger into the man’s chest cavity where his heart resided. “I would assume this had.”

Aden swatted his hand away from his chest and abruptly walked around. “Shut it, Andy. No one asked you.”

Watching as the young male walked away, he could see how much of a heartbreaker his little Charlotte was becoming. She was bewitching in herself, and surely, she would be forced to pick one of those many suitors that followed her. Of course, that was if she wasn’t oblivious to all the males around her.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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