Chapter IX: Unveil The Truth (Part 2)

It didn’t take long before Charlotte’s hair was at a presentable point again, but her attire was not appropriate enough to go to a ball, especially one of elegance and magnificence. Giselle collected her things that she needed and began walking down the street toward a majority of the shopping districts were, and Charlotte followed after. “I have a couple of dresses that may fit your figure. If we’re going to a ball, we have to look the part. I’m sorry that your dress is a mess.”

Charlotte shook her head as they walked down the streets. The lamps on the sides of the road began sparking on as they made their way.

“I stumbled a couple of times, and I also did knee and elbow a guy who blocked my exit. It could have been worse.” She chuckled softly before they stopped in front of a building labeled “Giselle’s Shop.” The window showed all these little intricate jewels and trinkets for young girls, ladies, and older women alike. The merchant took a key out and unlocked the front door. The bells jingled as she opened it, allowing the girl to come inside.

“Wait a moment while I get the clothes ready.”

She walked away before Charlotte walked over to the window to stare outside. She knew she should have found Damien and the others, but this was a problem she had to solve now. Any information dealing with her family or even her family’s killer could potentially help in the long run. Charlotte just would have to accept whatever punishment would come when she met up with them again.

Giselle had appeared from behind the back door with a couple of formal but contemporary dresses. They were cute in appearance and had appropriate color schemes. There was one that was floor length with a high neck and had long sheer white sleeves. A white petticoat underneath it was showing bluntly, but that appeared to be a part of the style. On the bodice was an emerald green wraparound shawl that tucked around the bodice with the help of a black corset.

The other dress was spaghetti strapped, pure white, accompanied with a tan corset and dark brown ties. The dress was pleated at the chest and flowed straight down to the knee; in the back was a sheer white tail that dropped just below the corset and hung pointed near the ankle.

The latter dress was given to Charlotte while Giselle took the first one. “This should fit you. Hurry into it so we won’t be late. I hate being late to these types of things.” She was going to leave the store to give Charlotte room, but the auburn stopped her with a question.

“Why are you doing so much for me? You don’t even know me, and yet you’ve risked your life and business for me.”

Giselle gave her a sad smile before handing her a white feather fan and leaving her alone. The silence was a deafening answer in response.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

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