New DnD Podcast Coming Soon!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Working on some cool things while working on getting more advertisements out for The Relic Stones: Deadly Liaisons at Sea! I’ll be Dungeon Mastering for a DnD campaign relatively soon! If you’re interested in the podcast we’ll all be posting it soon. We should be starting our campaign every week on Tuesdays, so I should be posting it on a variety of social outlets!

We’re working on the sound issues from the first episode, so please bare with all of us as we go through this new project!

If anyone is interested in buying a physical copy of The Relic Stones: Deadly Liaisons at Sea Vol. 1 you can buy the copy from myself or Jeffrey Ellison! All books cost $10 Dollars each, and who doesn’t love a brand new book?

Thanks for your time everyone, and have a lovely (if rainy) safe day!


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