Origin: An Odyssey In Time

Chapter 6

Magnolia had volunteered to check out the shops on the southwest side, while EngineLoaded took to the northwest side of town. EagleEye went southeast, and Cool_Azure_Sea went northeast. They split amicably, also agreeing to only refer to each other in the simplest of their usernames. While they could have called each other by their first names, it was still difficult to break the habit. EngineLoaded was the only one who didn’t seem that affected by calling them by their first names.

She wandered into the first open building with the placard of the bracelet, only to find it empty. The owner was not in sight, but the items for sale were still left out. She peered down at the accessories before picking one up. The one that she picked up happened to have dust particles squeezed inside of a circular tubing that was plated with a rubbery material. A shiny red gem accentuated the piece. A small window popped up next to the item, and Magnolia was able to read a small description.

Garnet bracelet

A bracelet studded with garnet. Enhances attack slightly. Atk + 40

900 gold pieces

She placed the bracelet down back where she found it.  As she pulled open her inventory list, Magnolia saw she only had 500 gold coins in her purse.  It was at this moment the young, black haired half-elf could not afford any of these accessories. Deciding to peruse the other items in store, she found some rather interesting pieces. There was a bangle that looked to be made of bronze. Once her line of sight narrowed in onto the piece, a small description window popped up.

Bronze Bracelet

A bracelet made from bronze. Enhances health points slightly. HP + 50

500 gold pieces

She would have left the store after looking around at the other expensive items, but a crashing sound near the back of the store caught her attention. Magnolia hobbled carefully around the rope separating the cases of accessories and the main counter space, to run to the back door. When she reached the door, she could hear two muffled voices beyond the threshold.

“You have less than 3 days to find the materials needed to make that ring. Or else.” Another loud crashing noise beyond the door caused Magnolia to jump in fright. It seemed to her that someone was threatening someone else behind the shop.

“O-Okay—it will be done—I will get the items myself if I have to.” The beta tester could hear the quake in the second male who spoke. She would have pressed her ear against the door to hear what else was going to be mentioned, but her wrist console buzzed to alert her of a new notification.

The sound was enough to drive the one threatening to end their discussion.

“Who’s there!”

Magnolia quickly moved as she heard the footsteps approaching the door. She scrambled to find a place to hide, a measly shadowed spot underneath the table. She thrust a few dark curtains in front of her before the backdoor to the shop opened with a loud thud.

She could hear the footsteps getting closer to where she hid, but willed her mind to stay calm. Remember who you are, and why you are here. Breathe.


The second man called from the doorway this time.  The one who had opened the door roughly had turned back to the scared male.

“You have 3 days Vormud. Or you’ll lose more than just this shop.”

At that, Magnolia had to stifle a scream when he slammed down his fist into the table she was hiding under and the shattering of an accessory on top crunched under his hand.

After an agonized moment of silence, the door to the accessory shop open and closed with an abrupt slam. She also waited for that Vormud person to exit the shop through the back. More than likely to pick up the mess that happened out there. When she felt the coast was clear, she pulled herself out and then checked her wrist console.

“Stupid thing almost got me killed.” She muttered before noticing a change in her main quest.

Main Quest 1: Find out more information from Vormud, the accessories goldsmith.

 You have arrived at Mydalr, the small village in the forest. After having a meal at the local Inn, you and your friends decide to split up and look for clues on any irregularities. You have found out that Vormud, the accessories goldsmith, is being threatened by an unknown figure. You overhear that he requires certain materials to make a ring. Find out more information on the materials Vormud needs.

She pulled herself out from her hiding spot and then saw the damage done to the items above. The garnet bracelet and what seemed to be a magical amulet necklace had been brutally crushed under the fist of that first man. She picked up the damaged accessory and watched as it broke under her fingers.

Silently, she picked up the materials so that she could give it back to the owner. If anything, he could remake it. It wasn’t as if the garnet or dust inside had been completely rendered useless. The amulet necklace was broken in half, which may make it harder to repair.

She made her way through the back of the shop to the doorway. It was open, propped by a wooden crate with boxes of materials scattered around. She poked her raven cropped head outside to see an alleyway where another thin, lanky male knelt down. He was cleaning up some of the broken glass near the window pane.

“Uh—excuse me?” The feline started, hoping not to startle him. Vormud jumped at the sudden voice, and dropped all of the glass pieces he picked up.

“Uh—uh—sorry, we’re not open for business at the moment. We’ll be back open in 4 days—give or take.” He scrambled to make an excuse, and Magnolia gave him an empathetic smile.

“It’s alright—I—er—heard your exchange. I was in the shop browsing but then I heard a loud crashing sound. I’m sorry for eavesdropping.” She amended and pushed both her hands out holding the broken garnet bracelet.

Vormud stared at her with wide brown eyes. “I’m—sorry you had to hear that. It was my fault that it’s turned out this way.” The man scratched behind his neck. He looked incredibly stressed by the whole ordeal. “If only I were stronger. Then I could get the materials and—” He broke off before crumpling his face into his hands. Luckily he wasn’t holding the glass anymore.

Magnolia did her best to ease his tension. “Hey—hey, it’s okay! You’re not at fault! The one at fault is the one who destroyed your window and your items!”

Vormud’s shoulders shook. “No—it’s not. The materials needed to make the ring he wants is much too difficult to get. It’s found in the darkest parts of the caves to the north, but it’s teeming with ferobears and wolves.” The wrist console buzzed once more, alerting her to a new notification. He stared down at her wrist before he looked back at her. “You’re not from around here, are you? Are you an adventurer?”

Magnolia nodded, informing him that his suspicion was correct. “Well, I was just about to ask you if you’d like me to get the materials for you? Was it only the special ore that you needed, or something else?” She smiled at Vormud who jumped up from the alley.

“Follow me, I’ll write down the three things that I need!” She followed him back into the shop and he produced a parchment of paper. He scribbled down three things: Earth gemstone, a Ferobear tusk, and the hide of a wolf.

“It will be dangerous, are you sure you’ll be able to handle it?” Vormud asked, hesitant to give the list over to the girl.

She smiled, then delicately placed the garnet bracelet down on his counter. “No worries, I have some of the best fighters on my team! We’ll be done before you know it!” Vormud accepted her charismatic speech, and handed her the paper.

“Please, do be careful. This town is counting on you.”

She nodded. How grand of a first main quest to be.


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