Origin: An Odyssey in Time

Chapter Seven

Everyone gathered around the campfire shortly after their purposed time limit expired. RelicPetals was the last to arrive, holding the piece of paper Vormund gave her. The group had already read their updated quest log. RelicPetals had set the building blocks for their first quest. 

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just beat the crap out of the one who is threatening the goldsmith?” Cool_Azure_Sky replied callously as she stared at the three items. The quest had updated to include the three materials, but she did not enjoy footwork. She considered this to be nothing more than a fetch job, and that was boring to her.  The map, unexplored as it was, indicated to them which way they needed to head. 

“It’d be odd to throw us into a huge fight in the very first level. It makes sense that we only have a fetch quest.” Eugene spoke calmly. He too was examining the quest details and items. He was hoping for some more details, but that wasn’t going in his favor.

“But Journey said our first quest would involve an irregularity.” Alex replied. He stared at the objectives that didn’t necessarily feel like it should be main quest material. “It feels more like an obligatory side quest if anything.”

“Alright, so we know what we need to do, so why don’t we just gather the materials? Didn’t Petals say we had a time limit?” Cassidy mentioned as she rolled her shoulders back. The movement eased the tension that laid dormant in her upper body.

Magnolia affirmed her question with a tilt of her head up and down. “We have only 3 days.”

Alex pulled his quiver of bolts out the count his arrows.

Eugene however cracked his scaled talons in a challenging manner. “Alright, let’s get this done and over with. Just know that we’re seriously going to grind this first area until we’re at least level 15.” 

Cassidy, Alex, and Mags all stared at him with a horrified expression. “You’re one of those people.” Magnolia cooed. His Elven friend shook his head. He didn’t mind grinding, but only when it was necessary. An area with slime blobs at level 2-3 deemed unworthy of being a level 15. 

“You’re a slave driver.” Cassidy retorted, before she walked away to the entrance of the town. She didn’t look back until Eugene pulled out his money purse from his console. He jingled it before looking at all of them. 

“We’re leveling up while gathering more money and materials. We can sell the extra materials, and start saving up money. The weapons all range from 350-500 gold pieces. We need more money if we want to continue boosting our stats. Thus the need to level up.” 

He seemed to have gotten Cassidy’s attention at the mention of more money. Alex seemed to have accepted it as simply as it was. Magnolia was the only one he needed to sell to now. He watched her sigh, guessing her thoughts as she mentally tallied how long it would take for them to actually reach that level.  The cogs were shifting into place and at last her face softened. 

“Ugh…. I hate games that force you to level up.” She complained. Eugene pinched one of her pointy ears in response before she produced a painful yelp.  Alex snorted before crossing his arms. 

“This isn’t some visual novel that will have you with your perfect boyfriend at the end of chapter 1. Take this seriously.” He argued before he walked past Cool_Azure_Sky’s tiefling avatar. She chuckled when Magnolia flushed red at the comment. EagleEye took the flank of the group. 

“I still hate it,” She murmured, and joined Cassidy in the middle of their group. At least she could heal people. Maybe even boop a blue-green slime on the nose. If it even has a nose. 

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