You are confused by this onslaught of information, but continue to travel with them in hopes of clues for Skylar. Even if it’s against your better judgment. You accompany them through their struggle, seeing them day after day break through the tides. You see them fight off piracy and save countless individuals from being brutally murdered. You find your best friend, an inventor with her lovable mechanical Great Dane puppy. An estranged and moody Captain who gets on your case whenever you get reckless.  And along the way  you all start seeing the signs of the stones truly existing. You know it should be a legend, but as time moves forward you learn of mysterious powers. You learn YOU have powers.

It seems that the Pirates and The State have kept under wraps the true potential of The Relic Stones. Now you and your friends must put together all of your powers to determine what the truth is and what is fabricated. As the crew begins inching closer to the truth, you find that you all become wrapped up in the conspiracy between The State and their sworn enemy: Zaine. Who do you trust? How do you continue? Where is your brother? What is your role in this story Charlotte Rothschild? Only time will tell as The Phoenix continues their journey. Will you join in or abandon ship?

–Tessa Renalds