Origin: An Odyssey in Time

Chapter 1 "Origin, huh?" The resonance of his voice rang in a slight low register, warm sounding and resolute. His grey-blue eyes darkened as he held the description card up for inspection. The frown had been a semi-permanent fixture upon his chiseled, handsome face. The unkempt dirty blonde hair he possessed poked at odd angles, … Continue reading Origin: An Odyssey in Time

Origin: An Odyssey in Time

Prologue VRGE had cracked the code many gaming studios failed to accomplish. Alternative Reality Gaming--ARG for short. The first game introduced a few years prior held promise to all those who wanted to delve into this new series. It was simplistic in nature, a scavenger hunt set in a temple. The players had thirty minutes … Continue reading Origin: An Odyssey in Time

New DnD Podcast Coming Soon!

Good Afternoon Lovelies! Working on some cool things while working on getting more advertisements out for The Relic Stones: Deadly Liaisons at Sea! I'll be Dungeon Mastering for a DnD campaign relatively soon! If you're interested in the podcast we'll all be posting it soon. We should be starting our campaign every week on Tuesdays, … Continue reading New DnD Podcast Coming Soon!

Chapter XII: Revelation of A Lost One (Part 5)

The group had yet to see a door as they continued to wander farther into the research grounds. It wasn’t until the last turn from the previous corridor that led them to a hall with a door at the end. There were paintings of the landscape on the walls, and past those were monitors. “It’s … Continue reading Chapter XII: Revelation of A Lost One (Part 5)

Chapter XII: Revelation of A Lost One (Part 4)

Sirens greeted the group with each corner they passed. White linoleum and white plaster walls with red flashing lights stretched forward and around as they maneuvered through the building. Apparently, finding an exit was easier said than actually done, and it was evident that everyone was at their limit. From all the excitement from surviving … Continue reading Chapter XII: Revelation of A Lost One (Part 4)