All illustrations and artwork has been beautifully rendered and commissioned by the phenomenal and talented TJ Geist! He and I are working closely together to bring all of these crew members to life! His artwork is stunning, so please support him by following his pages in facebook, tumbler, and all his other social networks!


Formal Name: Charlotte L. Rothschild
Nicknames: Lottie, Lionsheart, Charle, Damsel
Age: I just turned seventeen years old at the beginning of May!
Blood Type: O- … I think?
Height: 5’8”
Weight: It’s rude to ask for a ladies weight. (TR: She’s about 68 kilograms)
Favorite Food: I like sushi, hummus, and mangoes.
Least Favorite Food: I don’t like meat or the taste of it. I also really avoid tomatoes and onions. The texture is weird to me!
Country of Origin: Chiariotti
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Magic tricks and shows, dances and small tea parties with biscuits, jewelry such as rings and ear cuffs, and my favorite thing of all time is being with my best friend Livvy!
Dislikes: Pirates. And Aden. Not so much Aden, but I definitely dislike him.

Formal Name: Aden Summerfeld
Nicknames: Captain, Summerfeld, Addie, Jerk
Age: 19 years
Blood type: AB-
Height: 5’11”
Weight: Eighty kilograms–give or take.
Favorite Food: Baked fish fillets with any type of potato side dish. Strawberries are good too.
Least Favorite Food: I don’t like anything sweet like candy or red meat that isn’t fully cooked up to medium well.
Country of Origin: Bherghen
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Observing the setting sun and reading leisurely.
Dislikes: The State, the past, people with utilitarianism-like viewpoints, sacrificing people for the greater good, people in general, naive teenagers, babysitting, being treated like a child, someone messing up my organized bookshelves–ahem Damsel. jembree_olivia_sheet-2Formal Name: Olivia R. Cheric
Nicknames: Gizmo Queen, Livvy, Cheric
Age: I’m 17, about three months older than Charlotte.
Blood Type:  B+
Height: 5’4”; don’t you dare make a short joke about me.
Weight: Last I checked, I was about 67 kilograms.
Favorite Food: Root beer, boneless chicken wings in sweet barbecue sauce, root beer, salad without dressing, root beer. Root beer. Did I mention root beer? I like root beer.
Least Favorite Food: Dairy products unfortunately. My stomach can’t break down the enzymes from the dairy, so it basically attacks my stomach and makes me wish I had a portable toilet 24/7! I also don’t like greasy and oily food–yuck.
Country of Origin: Chiariotti
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Creating new inventions and ideas based off written ideas, playing and redesigning hair to different hair colors, making new variations for root beer.
Dislikes: A messy and unorganized office space, cavities, and whenever I have to test my models in a water-based simulation. The ocean keeps wrecking my 1/10 scale models! Grr.


jembree_damien-1Formal Name: Damien S. Drummond
Nicknames: Bruva, Damie, Bunny boy, Drummond
Age: I am 19 years old, and about ten months older than Aden.
Blood Type: A-
Height: 5’11”
Weight: Seventy eight kilograms– I’m not that fat–am I?
Favorite Food: I like root beer… Why are you pointing your screwdriver at me Cheric? I like some fruits and am not that picky in general.
Least Favorite Food: I’m not a big fan of grilled vegetables or tons of alcohol.
Country of Origin: Demeuillieu
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I enjoy taking care of animals, and I’m an avid nature observer. Sometimes I play leisurely with cards .
Dislikes: I am not a big fan of making girls cry, or those stupid nicknames Xav makes up for me. Puns are horrid, and I absolutely dislike when my father pushes his ideals on me.

Xavier Drummond

Formal Name: Xavier O. Drummond (don’t ask me what the O. Stands for in my name).
Nicknames: Xav, Big bruva, stupid
Age: 26 years up to date!
Blood Type: What rhymes with say??? A! (TR-my goodness, he’s punning already)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: Eighty five kilograms–gotta work my muscles and watch my weight–I have a fiancé to take care of!
Favorite Food: The kind that won’t give me diarrhea! Any food is good to me, I once had oranges for a whole week… cause that’s all we had. Yup, my storage clerk was an idiot and didn’t double check the food inventory!
Least Favorite Food: Oranges! You can probably guess why too!
Country of Origin: Demeuillieu
Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Sailing, completing merchant routes, being with Dean, making horrid jokes and puns, teasing my younger siblings.
Dislikes: Mermaids. They’re real I tell you! And they will eat your brains! Beware! Oh, and I don’t like heights.

Tessa Renalds