One would expect a beta-tester’s life to be busy. Magnolia and her online friends are quite famous for their trysts in online gaming. Choosing to chase their dreams, all of them have given up plenty to get where they currently are at. Losing family, friends, loved ones, time, money, etc they earned a strong fanbase in their YouTube, twitch, twitter, and discord channels. As time continued for these gamers, they had carved out a career that many had not dared to attempt, becoming a freelance beta tester.

With the ever growing community gradually encompassing the world, large companies have taken advantage of the game wave surge. VRGE, an alternative virtual reality game studio, cracked the code to virtual gaming that many other companies had failed to accomplish. While many companies had been able to tether hard helmets and backpacks to a person to walk through a 30 minute AVR experience, VRGE had been able to create a masterpiece. Their new game, Origin, did not require such things. All one needed was a manufacturer bed that hooked up into the computer mainframe. This mainframe then used brainwaves to affect the dreaming sequence of a sleeping person. While asleep, the person could play and still get the essential rest they needed. With the game making it’s debut, the company tracked all kinds of beta testers to run trials. With her game card in hand, Magnolia enters in Origin.

A NaNoWriMo Creative Story Challenge